After Years of Hiking All Over Nepal, This Eye Doctor Has Restored Vision to Over 130,000 People

Despite how cataracts are the most common and treatable form of blindness, there are hundreds of thousands of people suffering from the condition in Nepal every day—and that’s why this one doctor has been working tirelessly to restore their vision. Dr. Sanduk Ruit is an ophthalmologist who has trekked all over Nepal in order to …[continue reading]

Germany’s Army and Police Becoming Far Right

Members of Germany’s police and military are growing hostile toward their government. In the midst of the unending immigration crisis, officers and soldiers are sympathizing with the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party. Last month, Friedrich Merz from the Christian Democratic Union was the first to publicly address the issue. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):

The Dogons — Part 2

The Dogons — Part 2 Posted: 27 Jul 2019 02:18 PM PDT By Anna Von Reitz Having read “The Dogons — A Tale of Gross Ingratitude” you are no doubt having some uncomfortable stirrings and are making some odd associations.     Here we are, talking about the Dogons — the (according to the priests …[continue reading]

Detailed history Universal Postal Union Page 1 of 13

The UPU operates under the authority of treaties with every country in the world. It is, as it were, the overlord or overseer over the common interaction of all countries in international commerce. Every nation has a postal system, and also has reciprocal banking and commercial relationships, whereby all are within and under the UPU. …[continue reading]

Postal Power and the Universal Postal Union

The UPU, (Universal Postal Union)  in Berne, Switzerland, is an extremely significant organization in today’s world. It is formulated by treaty. No nation can be recognized as a nation without being in international admiralty in order to have a forum common to all nations forengaging in commerce and resolving disputes. That is why the USA …[continue reading]

Asparagus is a highly alkaline food scrubbing out the bladder, kidneys and protects liver health

Asparagus is a highly alkaline food scrubbing out the bladder, kidneys and protects liver health China and Peru are the world’s largest producers and exporters of asparagus. Asparagus is a flowering perennial plant belonging to the Asparagaceae family. Only 20 of the 300 varieties of asparagus are edible. Asparagus has been used as a vegetable and …[continue reading]