European Commission was wrong to redact Covid vaccine deal details: EU court

The European Commission was wrong to redact details of multi-billion-euro deals it struck to secure Covid vaccines during the coronavirus pandemic, an EU court said on Wednesday. The commission failed to show how divulging indemnification details would harm the commercial interests of the pharmaceutical groups supplying the vaccines, the EU General Court ruled. It also …[continue reading]

Thomas Crooks, the Accused Trump Shooter, Appeared in a BlackRock Commercial

Years ago, after Trump made negative comments about the intelligence community, Chuck Schumer said, “they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.” The intelligence community called Trump a traitor to our country, prevented him from running his own foreign policy, impeached him twice, had four different indictments and may have orchestrated this …[continue reading]


The DemonRats, trolls and insane people who are calling the Trump assassination attempt a “hoax” are taking part in deceit which the deep state seeks to spread in order to divide and conquer the masses and control the narrative so that YOU never know who or what to believe about anything. It’s a mind war …[continue reading]

An Example of the Idiocy By Anna Von Reitz

Quote:  “Rotary International, the WHO, UNICEF, GAVI, WEF, and the Gates Foundation have poured tens of billions of dollars into vaccinating malnourished children who lack sanitation, water, refrigeration and education. Instead of pushing money into polio, measles and rotavirus vaccines, think of the global problems that would have been solved if those same dollars had been allocated …[continue reading]