Circle of White Light podcast with Guest – Becky Barron – Sunday 9th August 2020

Becky is a healer and investigator on how the matrix works against us. Becky has also discovered how consciousness works and how we create our own reality through our own consciousness and how that is being interfered with and how we can gain our own individual reality back. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):

Operation Green Light,POTUS Insulated & Protected,Time To Take The Country Back – Episode 2244b

The [DS]/MSM have been setup from the beginning. They fell right into the patriots trap and they didn’t even know it. Now it’s to late. The people are awake, they know and it is almost show time. Trump sent a message, the will be insulated and protected, it’s time to take the country back . …[continue reading]

Afghan heroin floods Europe thanks to NATO and the Pentagon

I recently spent 12 months in Kabul as an adviser on policing. After seventeen years of NATO’s mission to bring peace and security, it’s sad to say that the country’s probably in a worse state than ever. Our terrible failure in Afghanistan, with lives wasted despite billions spent, has produced only one winner: organised crime. …[continue reading]

The ‘star people’ (have never left)

This is not our term, granted we have often heard that description given by many Original Elders and Culture Keepers, but we are not directly referencing them, this description belongs to someone that resides in another continent. Our response came about after reading an overview of some of the research conducted by Cherokee/Choctaw Professor Emeritus …[continue reading]


FACEBOOKTWITTERREDDITPINTERESTEMAILGOOGLE+LINKEDINSTUMBLEUPON   Susan Bradford joins John Michael Chambers on the new Making Sense of the Madness YouTube channel to discuss her book, which wins my vote for the best book title, ever, ‘UNMASKED: THE CORONAVIRUS STORY: The Nauseating Truth Behind the Global Quest to Bring the World to Heel, Destroy Nationalism and Undermine the Trump …[continue reading]

Why Sweden Has Already Won the Debate on COVID ‘Lockdown’ Policy

As Europe and North America continue suffering their steady economic and social decline as a direct result of imposing ‘lockdown’ on their populations, other countries have taken a different approach to dealing with the coronavirus threat. You wouldn’t know it by listening to western politicians or mainstream media stenographers, there are also nonlockdown countries. They …[continue reading]

“I’m not going to be silenced!” – Houston Doctor Stella Immanuel

“I’m not going to be silenced!” – Houston Doctor Stella Immanuel  … doubles down – when was the last time Fauci saw a patient? Dr. Stella Immanuel M.D. from Houston is a courageous woman in an insane world.   Earlier this week Dr. Immanuel joined several other front line doctors in Washington DC at the …[continue reading]