Merkel has admitted deception over Minsk peace deal – Russia

The former German chancellor has disclosed that the accords were meant to ‘give time’ for Ukraine to strengthen its military FILE PHOTO. Angela Merkel and Pyotr Poroshenko meet in 2019. ©  Tobias SCHWARZ / AFP Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed her government’s duplicity regarding the conflict in Ukraine by confirming that the 2014 …[continue reading]

Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture

There is a Greek saying that a fish rots from its head downward. If this article is correct, then our political leadership is far more rotten than we can ever conceive.  Warning: These accusations that Presidents sexually exploit children will cause cognitive dissonance. But the idea is consistent with the notion that our “leaders” are depraved Satanists …[continue reading]

The Twitter Files

The Mechanism for Terminating Free Speech on the Internet has already been Put in Place Mike Whitney • December 6, 2022       “The idea here is to come clean on everything that has happened in the past in order to build public trust for the future.” Elon Musk, Free Speech Absolutist “By opening up …[continue reading]

Whistleblowers: 3 laptops, 7 Federal Crimes on Joe Biden, Monkey Island & More –

Whistleblowers, Brad Birkenfeld and Garrett Ziegler, expose the Hunter Biden laptops from hell. They discuss the evidence showing that at least 3 laptops exist and that the facts show that Joe Biden has committed 7 Federal Crimes. There is so much explosive evidence on these laptops that a “child could prosecute this case”. You can …[continue reading]

5D shift and the China protests: beginning of the end for old paradigm

We’ve recently completed a tremendous energetic journey down the Nile, through the ancient grounds of the Intervention on our planet referred to as “Atlantis”, where Homo Sapiens was hybridised to fit within a humungous control system. An intrepid group worked to unleash the Flower of Life, the Toroidal Flow, to uplift consciousness around the planet. …[continue reading]

Shocking Investigation discovers a World-Wide Shadow Government has infiltrated “Elected” Governments & Public Health Institutions & built a Global Vaccine Regime

By Rhoda Wilson on November 27, 2022 • ( 43 Comments )   The same organisations that have an interest in vaccinations today also had a lot of influence in laying the groundwork decades ago.  People tend to think of these large and well-known organisations – such as Rockefeller Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, …[continue reading]

Shock Video: Netherlands Police Use Heavy Machinery to Overturn Tractors with Farmers INSIDE

Democracy in action!   The Dutch farmers have for months been leveraging their tractors and equipment to protest the country’s climate policies that include shutting down thousands of farms to reduce nitrogen emissions and livestock quotas in the name of fighting climate change.     Prime Minister Mark Rutte had praised World Economic Forum founder …[continue reading]