Should Ireland leave the EU? | Gript

Is there a future for Ireland in the EU, or would we be better off leaving altogether? Ben Scallan comments. #gript Donate today to Gript! See more at Follow our socials: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Patreon: Our Podcasts: EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):

The Matter over Darwin’s Missing Mind

This January 2010 lecture by Canadian Patriot Review editor Matthew Ehret tackles the fallacies of Darwin’s theory of evolution from several angles: Historic, philosophical, political and scientific. We address the issue of Mind and Creativity as qualities that may exist in the very fabric of physical space time rather than existing merely as by-products of …[continue reading]

How Huxley’s X-Club Created Nature Magazine and Sabotaged Science for 150 Years

Matthew Ehret May 13, 2020 © Photo: REUTERS/Axel Schmidt Amidst the storm of controversy raised by the lab-origin theory of COVID-19 extolled by such figures as Nobel prize winning virologist Luc Montagnier, bioweapons expert Francis Boyle, Sri Lankan Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith and the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, an elaborate project was undertaken under the …[continue reading]

The CIA Fabricated the Russiagate “Evidence”, Says NSA Tech Chief by Bill Binney

by Satchidanand Sun, 08/02/2020 – 00:00Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Duran,   An important public statement was made on July 27th by Bill Binney, the U.S. Government’s top expert on the internet, and on computer hacking. He had been the Technical Director of the NSA when he quit and became a whistleblower against …[continue reading]

Trapped inside Hong Kong’s cage houses | RT Documentary

In glitzy and prosperous Hong Kong, thousands live in conditions deemed an “insult to human dignity”. Low-income residents who can’t keep up with soaring property prices have no choice but to cram into homes barely bigger than a coffin or wire cage. More than 200,000 Hongkongers survive in the cramped and squalid conditions of so-called …[continue reading]

“There Is No Proven Effectiveness” – Netherlands Refuses To Mandate Mask Wearing In Public

American public health experts, led by Dr. Anthony Fauci, have struggled over the past couple of months to push a specific narrative on the public: Wearing a mask doesn’t so much protect you from being infected with SARS-CoV-2, but if you are infected, wearing a mask could stop you from passing the virus to someone …[continue reading]