“Trace Amounts” Documentation of the crime of the century

A well-documented account of government/corporate crime Click here to support Brasscheck On June 14, 2000, the CDC and representatives of the vaccine industry met to address a joint problem. They had just discovered that they had poisoned a generation, and now they had to figure out how to cover their tracks. Whether they get away with …[continue reading]

International Public Notice: Joe’s Hamburger Shop Worldwide By Anna Von Reitz

Recall our little story about Joe’s Hamburger Shop:   A Federal worker comes in with a government I.O.U. called a FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE and uses this as “legal tender” to “pay” (sort of) for a hamburger.   Joe gives him the hamburger, which has actual value, and accepts the debt-note in exchange.  Obviously, Joe is still owed …[continue reading]

Serial Criminals Rule Israel. That’s Where the Collapse Begins By Mordechai Gilat – 5 minutes read time.

Here’s a question that no sane family in Israel can avoid asking: How did we get to the situation where Israel resembles a giant stinking sewage pit? How is it that career criminals and con artists rule the country and do whatever they want with its property? Why has no criminal investigation been launched against …[continue reading]

University Migrant Smart Hubs, Private Equity and The Leveraged Buyout of America

Resettlement, repurposed, and replaced may be the best way to sum up what is taking place at colleges and universities across the U.S. The protests are assisting as smokescreens to recreate the underbelly of these indoctrination camps, turning them into resettlement campuses, micro smart cities or “innovation districts,” and a funnel system for captured endowments …[continue reading]

How Ukraine, the US, & NATO Have Brought Us to the Brink of World War III

An in-depth exposé of the forces that have pushed an unwilling planet to the brink of global conflict, and the last remaining chance for peace before hell breaks loose. Reinette Senum Jun 15, 2024   Today, the day of President Zelensky’s so-called “Ukrainian Peace Summit,” a glaring truth is obscured by smoke and mirrors. With …[continue reading]

Interview with Mel K, May 28, 2024

Technocracy, the “information-liquidation model,” military operations cloaked as public health, geopolitical vs. class warfare, WWIII as social engineering, and resistance in the Omniwar David A. Hughes and The Mel K Show Jun 15, 2024   Many thanks to Mel K for a stimulating discussion. We got into:  the history of technocracy; the Great Reset as …[continue reading]

Mary Rodwell: Human DNA altered by frequency to create new abilities

Prepare to expand your understanding of human potential with Mary Rodwell as she delves into the fascinating realm of DNA alteration through frequency modulation, leading to the emergence of new abilities. In this thought-provoking discussion, Mary explores the profound implications of how frequencies interact with human DNA, catalyzing shifts in consciousness and unlocking latent abilities. …[continue reading]

Biofield science: The Missing Ingredient in Western Medicine by Eric Leskowitz, MD – Massachusetts

Western medicine is the world’s only medical tradition that does not harness an invisible healing force or energy. In the East, there is prana (yoga) and qi (acupuncture, tai chi), but in the West, “energy” means a chemical like ATP. That’s because we view the body as a complex machine rather than a flowing organic …[continue reading]