Dr. Paul Marik, and Dr. Pierre Kory of the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, have been global leaders, laying their careers on the line to develop critical, life-saving treatment protocols for Covid-19, Spike Protein sickness, and Vaccine syndrome. We welcome Dr. Marik in-studio, and Dr. Kory via video, for an inside look at how FLCCC …[continue reading]

How do we sway the minds of people who refuse to see the negative data?

Collecting more negative data on the vaccine isn’t going to change anything. The problem is getting people to consider the possibility that they have been fooled.         No, Mark Twain never said this, but I know it will be hard to convince you that you’ve been fooled by the image. There’s an …[continue reading]


Visionary filmmaker, Mikki Willis, and comedian, JP Sears, join Del to discuss the prelaunch party for Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening on September 16th, which is available to watch now, on The Highwire. For more info go to thehighwire.com/plandemic3 #Plandemic3 #MikkiWillis #JPSears POSTED: September 19, 2022 EMBED A VIDEO (Optional): PLANDEMIC 3 SET TO ROCK …[continue reading]

25% of Irish covid patients show signs of blood clotting a year later

Expert’s warning as nearly one in four Irish Covid patients show signs of blood clotting a year later   An Irish haematologist has found a quarter of patients discharged from hospital are still showing “unusual” blood clotting activity up to one year later. Sean Duke Up to a quarter of patients discharged from hospital after …[continue reading]

FRESH SALAD all year round! The SECRET of keeping it fresh for 1 year!!! TRIED RECIPE!!! #salad

Recipe: Green tomatoes – 1.5 kg. Cabbage – 250 gr. Garlic – 1 head Red pepper – 3 pcs. Hot peppers Parsley – 1 bunch Dill – 1 bunch Salt – 2 tablespoons Sugar – 1 tsp for each can. Vinegar (70%) – 1/2 tsp for each can. Water (boiling water) 🔴Warning ❗❗❗ ✅ Storage …[continue reading]

Interviewing Katherine Macbean, launching the People’s Food and Farming Alliance

Katherine is the founder of the People’s Health Alliance that launched so successfully just a few months ago, and now she is launching the People’s Food and Farming Alliance on the same basis, for the people by the people. https://t.me/Peoples_Food_Farming the-pha.org/appeal info@the-pffa.org for all volunteer and general enquiries https://the-pha.org/about-us/donate-t… EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):

1,000 Australian schools introduce ‘eco-friendly’ chips made from edible insects

Cricket chips come to Australian schools as scientists urge the next generation to embrace shifting global food demands. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) Australia 1,000 Australian Schools Introduce ‘Eco-Friendly’ Chips Made From Edible Insects By Jessie Zhang Australian school children have been offered chips dusted with a cricket protein made by the edible bug company Circle Harvest. …[continue reading]

Mastering Mind Control, Sex in the Metaverse, Transhumanism and more

Sarah Westall provides a method for maintaining control of your own mind. We look at how powerful the advanced energy technologies are for controlling your mind and how to counteract efforts of control. We also look at sex in the MetaVerse and how addictive and real it could be. Lastly we talk about Biden’s transhumanism …[continue reading]

The Rick Simpson Story: Reversing Cancer with Cannabis (more at cureyourowncancer.org) – YouTube

In 2003 Rick Simpson rediscovered this cure for cancer when he successfully cured his own skin cancer with cannabis oil. He tried to tell his own doctor and even some of the cancer organizations but nobody wanted anything to do with his discovery. So he took matters into his own hands. He started growing his …[continue reading]