Kurtis R. Kallenbach’s Placenta Mystery, Legal Secrecy, & Ecclesiastical Schemery | Vibe Rant Ep. 89

Tonight we are joined by the great facilitator of fertilization fluency and revelator of the root of all riddles, the one and only Kurtis R. Kallenbach. Join us to rapture your life-raft and reclaim a spiritual point-of-origin, as we ponder the problem of placenta piracy and legal fictions. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):


NONE OF THE RUMBLE EMBED CODES FOR THIS VIDEO ARE DISPLAYING ON THIS OR ANY SITE, SO TO WATCH THIS VIDEO, GO HERE.   TRANSCRIPT   John Michael Chambers: Juan has been serving this nation since the time of Ronald Reagan. He’s very well connected, and I’ll leave it at that. His clandestine assignments and self-imposed directives, …[continue reading]

Who really controls and owns the majority of the United States w/ Dr. Dave Janda

Dr. Dave Janda returns to the program to discuss who owns most of the world. The fake front men who disguise that ownership and how they manipulate all of us to enrich themselves and their cronies. We also discuss the top down axis vs the left right axis. How that false dichotomy serves to create …[continue reading]

Winning the Fluoride Fight – #SolutionsWatch

Joining us today is Michael Connett, lead attorney for the plaintiffs’ in the #FluorideLawsuit. We discuss the history of the lawsuit, what’s at stake, and how people who are concerned about the fluoridation of the water supply can get involved in the fight against this uncontrolled medical intervention. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional): Winning the Fluoride …[continue reading]

White Christians being replaced in Europe – Orban

German politician Manfered Weber is the “Beelzebub” behind this population replacement, the Hungarian prime minister has claimed Migrants queue to enter an asylum office in Dublin, Ireland, April 30, 2024 ©  AFP / Paul Faith A “militant” faction of pro-migration politicians is overseeing the “replacement” of white European Christians with Muslim immigrants, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has declared.  “In Europe …[continue reading]

Ep.410: Social Workers Socially-Engineering The Masses w/ Parallel Mike | Courtenay Turner Podcast

Parallel Mike joins Courtenay Turner to discuss his history in the field of social work in the UK and why he ultimately left when he saw the intentional targeting of children. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional): Ep.410: Social Workers Socially-Engineering The Masses w/ Parallel Mike | Courtenay Turner Podcast

Why does the government borrow when it can print?

In the first seven months of Fiscal Year (FY) 2024, net interest (payments minus income) on the federal debt reached $514 billion, exceeding spending on both national defense ($498 billion) and Medicare ($465 billion). The interest tab also exceeded all the money spent on veterans, education, and transportation combined. Spending on interest is now the second …[continue reading]


Dr David Martin was in Austin, Texas to testify before the State Legislature and he swung by InfoWars studios for a spontaneous tête-à-tête with Alex Jones with updates on the war that we’re in. He addressed some of the controversies among the aware community and gave some updates on the impacts of recent legal cases and he …[continue reading]