VAERS COVID Vaccine Injury Reports ‘Unprecedented’ in Quantity and ‘Alarm,’ Analysis Shows

After analyzing the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System reports of injuries following COVID-19 vaccines, Jessica Rose, Ph.D., concluded “human physiology is seemingly at the mercy of whatever’s in these shots, particularly the mRNA shots, but not exclusively.” By Marina Zhang Jessica Rose is a Canadian molecular biologist. She was also trained in biostatistics during her …[continue reading]

Canons of Positive Law

VII. Law     7.14 Corruption of Law     Article 325-Settlement (Birth) Certificate     Canon 3347     A Settlement Certificate, also known as a “Birth Certificate” since 1837, is an official document issued to validly recorded poor (paupers) granting them certain basic rights and entitlement to benefits in exchange for recognition of …[continue reading]

Most won’t see it until it’s too late 🙈 | The MOST IMPORTANT EVENT in human history happening now! 🚨

Did you know that we are at the most important crossroads in our entire human history? This is no exaggeration, and what unfolds from here will determine the course of all future life on this planet. As a certain very prominent controller has said publicly, this is the biggest thing to happen in over 4 …[continue reading]

Australia moves to control what Doctors can say to patients

The End of Doctors’ Freedom to Ignore What the Government and Pharmaceutical Industry Say Should Worry Us All by Dr Frank Mercy On October 11th a Bill is to be presented to the Queensland Parliament which would impose draconian limits on what doctors can say to their patients. If passed, doctors will no longer be …[continue reading]


The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation plans to let any industry in the country to accept bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for international trade without restriction, per a report from local media outlet TASS. Ivan Chebeskov, director of the Financial Policy Department for the ministry, explained in a recent interview. “We are going to allow international …[continue reading]

The Agenda behind Climate Change Catastrophism

Democrats on Capitol Hill are pressuring the Biden administration to declare a climate emergency, voicing their doomsday predictions that without immediate action to curb and ultimately end our dependence on fossil fuels, “the planet” and, by implication, every living creature that inhabits it, will die. “If we don’t really begin to lower emissions, this planet …[continue reading]