Anna De Buisseret: All The Law Is On Our Side… There Will Be A Second Nuremburg Trial (full & un)

Anna De Buisseret – a retired army officer and a senior lawyer – warns those in positions of responsibility that if they do not speak out, they will be held accountable in a second Nuremburg Trial. Anna speaks about the illegality of the experimental injection, the mask mandates and the medical passport, and assures people …[continue reading]

Report 255 | Dr. Robert Young: All Disease is Outfection Not Infection–Vaccine Nano is Bioweapon!

Educative and wide-ranging discourse from Dr. Robert Young, a biochemist and clinical nutritionist with a base in medical microbiology who has studied Antoine Bechamp’s Terrain theory of disease and describes all disease as an “outfection” rather than an infection, rising from chemical or radiation poisoning of the interstitial fluids, and not from any virus or …[continue reading]

The bombshell outbreak in the Wuhan lab

Story at-a-glance The House Foreign Affairs Committee reviewed public and classified intelligence to reach their stunning conclusions that the virus did originate in the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), and it was genetically manipulated Unfortunately, the mainstream media have ignored the report, providing even more evidence experts are hoping to manipulate what you know and …[continue reading]

The Mayo and Limerick Hospital drama goes into overdrive….

The Mayo and Limerick Hospital drama goes into overdrive…. Stephen T Manning (Forwarded information): Colette Cowan is the CEO, that is correct. This is an inclusive list of board of directs. I suggest all correspondence be via email and to Cc and Bcc each of these people. Chairman – Mr Graham Knowles, Registered Mental Health …[continue reading]

The pandemic cause no one wants to talk about

The underlying cause of our vulnerability to viral infection, from the coronavirus and beyond.  “The response of governments worldwide to COVID-19 has been virology-based, disregarding toxicological issues.” This is a key pullout from a new paper that should change the narrative around the COVID-19 pandemic. It argues that if we want to find the real culprit behind …[continue reading]

Mind Body Connection: How Health, Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors Interact

#MindBody Connection How Health, Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors Interact with Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes helps you understand how thoughts, feelings and behaviors impact each other as well as your mental health. Prevent mental illness by improving health, addressing cognitive distortions and increasing happy emotions. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):

It’s the Story of the Century, and the Media Yawn

Source: Fletch Daniels Never before in human history has a global pandemic resulted in the dismemberment of first-world economies, highly divisive universal vaccine and mask mandates, education-stunting school shutdowns, and the isolation of entire societies to the point of extreme mental health damage. Throughout all this, the media have remained incurious as to how this …[continue reading]