Valencia, Spain: Police Officers Announce, “We Are with the People, Not with Corrupt Politicians”

Valencia police have proclaimed, ”We promised to protect and serve the people not the corrupt politicians. We feel very proud to be police but real police, not hit men of the government. Our association is in direct contact with members of security forces in Italy, Portugal, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, and Holland. We’re going …[continue reading]

The World-Wide Revolution Starts In California w/ Reinette Senum

One of our more popular Alfacast guests, Reinette Senum, returns for what promises to be an inspiring and entertaining interview. In our last episode with Reinette she shared stories from her amazing life from braving the trans-Alaskan wilderness by dogsled, to filmmaking, writing and community activism. As the major of Nevada City, California, Reinette rose …[continue reading]

Virus-Isolation Is It Real? Andrew Kaufman MD Responds To Jeremy Hammond

Andrew Kaufman M.D. refutes Jeremy Hammond’s recent interview opining that SARS-CoV-2 has been shown to exist. Point by point, Kaufman debunks Hammond’s explanation of how a virus is discovered. The definitions, the science, and technology behind isolation, the methodology being used by scientists, and the agenda by governmental agencies are examined with the appropriate corrections. …[continue reading]

Paul Levy presents Wetiko in conversation with Andrew Harvey

In its Native American meaning, wetiko is an evil cannibalistic spirit that can take over people’s minds, leading to selfishness, insatiable greed, and consumption as an end in itself, destructively turning our intrinsic creative genius against our own humanity. Revealing the presence of wetiko in our modern world behind every form of destruction our species …[continue reading]