No Deed – No Possession Claim (Pt 3)

In Part Two of this series on how International Globalist World Banking interests have purloined your Deed of Mortgage and are holding the valuable security in one of a number of Depository Trust vaults, I explained how, under Common and Constiutional Law, any possession claim made by your fake lender against your home is fraudulent. In Part 4,  I …[continue reading]


New Zealand COVID whistleblower Barry Young joins The Alex Jones Show with guest Steve Kirsch in his first interview following his arrest for spreading public data to the public. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional): New Zealand COVID Lethal Injection Whistleblower Gives First Interview, Drops Huge Truth Bombs!

Cinnamon is packed with nutrients that can benefit people with heart disease and diabetes

There are dozens of proven health benefits when you consume the wonderful spice known as cinnamon. Cinnamon is an ancient spice harvested from the branches of the trees of the genus Cinnamomum. It is cultivated all over the world, from South and mainland Southeast Asia to the Caribbean and South America. Cinnamon is now the second most popular …[continue reading]

Dean Henderson – Anunnaki & Royal Bloodlines, 8500 Years Ago Human Life Changed

Dean Henderson traces and explains what happened 8500 years ago when the Anunnaki arrive on planet Earth. Everything changed. Farming was introduced and the reign of “kings” began with Sargon. The Anunnaki bloodlines, e.g. royal bloodlines rule the world today where their power is centered in the City of London, a corporation. Nothing that is …[continue reading]

Uncovering The Secrets & Exposing The Lies with David Webb – TheGreatTaking

Uncovering The Secrets & Exposing The Lies with David Webb – TheGreatTaking “I’m not trying to convince you of anything, I’m trying to share with you ‘why’ I’m so convinced” “Uncovering The Secrets & Exposing The Lies” has directed the efforts of since the beginning (September 2005), I am it’s publisher and also host of …[continue reading]

Is This Why Chase Debanked Dr. Mercola?

STORY AT-A-GLANCE In mid-July 2023, Chase Bank closed my business accounts, along with the personal accounts of my CEO and CFO, and the accounts of their spouses and children Chase Bank has close relationships with the technocratic control network that is trying to usher in a one world totalitarian government, and debanking is the weaponization …[continue reading]

When does a fetus gain consciousness? Does life exist before birth?

Exploring the mysteries of consciousness, awareness, thought and the backdrop of our reality. When does a fetus gain consciousness? It’s a question that scientists haven’t been able to answer, and one that has important philosophical, metaphysical, ethical, clinical and even legal implications. With ‘consciousness’ itself, defining and discussing it can be tricky. This is because …[continue reading]