Americans exposed to fertility-lowering chemicals in Cheerios, Quaker Oats

Download PDF     Story at-a-glance A pilot study by the Environmental Working Group reveals 80% of Americans tested positive for chlormequat chloride, a pesticide and growth regulator 92% of oat-based foods, including popular brands like Quaker Oats and Cheerios, also contained the chemical The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed expanding chlormequat use to …[continue reading]

Dangerous Dames | Ep.22: Do You Have The Courage To Be Free? w/ Jason Ian

On this episode of Dangerous Dames, Courtenay Turner & Dr Lee Merritt invite Jason Ian from Americans In Action to discuss Natural Law / God’s Law versus man’s law & what it means to truly be free. A graduate from UCLA, Jason is an educator, author, screenwriter, entrepreneur, researcher, personal consultant, artist and life coach. …[continue reading]

History: Adolph Hitler Was Financed by Wall Street, the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Bank of England

US Investments in Nazi Germany. Rockefeller Financed Adolf Hitler’s Election Campaign Michel Chossudovsky 26 Feb 2024       By Michel Chossudovsky, Yuri Rubtsov source: Global Research and Fort Russ From World War I to the Present: Dollar-denominated debt has been the driving force behind all US led wars. Thanks for reading Michel Chossudovsky! Subscribe …[continue reading]

Milei’s Argentina – A House of Rothschild Coup Helena Glass

Milei!  Milei!   He has saved Argentina!   The government has a surplus…   How exactly does that impact the people?   GDP dropped 4.5%, inflation ramped up to 250% and poverty has grown to over 57%!   Wow!  What an achievement.   The people are so much better off – according to anyone living outside of – Argentina. Mileie is …[continue reading]

A Fresh Approach To EMFs, Smart Meters, 5G, & Vaccines with Josh Del Sol Beaulieu, Cal Washington

5G smart meters, EMFs, and vaccines all affect our well-being, but what can we do about it? It doesn’t seem we always have the option to opt out of smart meters. School systems seem to require vaccines. 5G and non-native electromagnetic frequencies are virtually everywhere. Are there any solutions available to us? How can we …[continue reading]

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The biggest crime in the history of medicine

*This content is strictly the opinion of Annette Bosworth, MD. Our content informs and educates viewers. Medical advice is not given on this channel. Your personal physician gives the medical advice and treatment specific to your situation. Dr. Boz channel only educates. Consult your doctor or qualified health professional regarding specific health questions. Neither Dr. …[continue reading]

Guardians of the Earth: Dolores Cannon’s insights on alien interventions

In this enlightening interview, Dolores Cannon (1931-2014) delves into the realms of hypnotherapy, UFO phenomena, and encounters with extraterrestrial beings. Journey through the mysteries of missing time, the methods of aliens, and the profound messages from the unknown. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):

Super Bull Market in Gold About to Start -Charles Nenner

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner has been warning of a huge war and financial cycle, and it is clear both continue to build.  The war cycle will continue to amplify until World War III breaks out.  Meanwhile, unpayable debt will continue to explode until another Great Depression hits America again.  Standing in the …[continue reading]