Question The Virus Narrative with Samantha and Mark Bailey

What if you comb through the history books and the scientific articles, and found that there was no basis for our current understanding of viruses? This is episode 472 and our guests are Dr. Samantha and Dr. Mark Bailey. This is exactly the task that they have undertaken. Their conclusion, you may find in the book, The Final Pandemic, and also in our conversation, they are not negating the existence of the disease. Rather, they disagree with the faulty conclusions of those who promulgate the idea that we need to fear some microscopic germs or viruses that we are told can make the healthy sick, and that even leads some to blame the sick for spreading it around.

They make a strong case for the fact that there’s no pathogen out there trying to kill us. There never has been and there never will be. From polio to Chickenpox to COVID-19, Mark and Sam lift the veil and expose the emperor who is wearing no virus clothes. Before we get into the conversation, I want to invite you to follow the show on the platform of your choice. This way you won’t miss a thing or better yet, download our Wise Traditions Podcast app to the device of your choice, iOS or Android.