Solar Powered Device Can Purify 19,800 Gallons of Water Per Day

Waking Times Indoor plumbing and clean drinking water are not luxuries that are available to a large portion of the world’s population, but luckily, technology is beginning to fill in that gap. One incredible example is a device being developed by a non-profit organization called GivePower. The device, which uses solar power to turn salt …[continue reading]


 a very deadly trick used by the elite fraudsters to confuse and deceive the masses into forming false presumptions in relation to words uttered by so called government leaders, the judiciary and the media. These terms are also know as “Doublespeak” when words such as “Include” can have a massive effect on a sentence if …[continue reading]

ACTS INTERPRETATION ACT 1901 – References to persons

(C’wlth.) ACTS INTERPRETATION ACT 1901 –References to persons(1) In any Act, expressions used to denote persons generally (such as “person”, “party”, “someone”,“anyone”, “no-one”, “one”, “another” and “whoever”), include a body politic or corporate as well as anindividual.(2) Express references in an Act to companies, corporations or bodies corporate do not imply thatexpressions in that Act, …[continue reading]

Geoengineering – even in modest amounts – works just like a drug, will kill the planet slowly

Geoengineering – even in modest amounts – works just like a drug, will kill the planet slowly What do geoengineering and taking drugs have in common? The parallels aren’t immediately obvious, but once you take a look at the potential ramifications of the process, it’s pretty easy to see how it will slowly but surely …[continue reading]

Memorandum of Law on the Name

Memorandum of Law on the Name Many people are involved in diligent research concerning the use of all capital letters for proper names, e.g., JOHN PAUL JONES as a substitute for John Paul Jones in all court documents, driver’s licenses, bank accounts, birth certificates, etc.. Is the use of all capital letters to designate a name some special English grammar …[continue reading]


DARK JOURNALIST & SPECIAL GUEST ELANA FREELAND:SPACE FENCE LOCKDOWN PART 1: 5G DNA TRANSHUMANIST MENACE:WEAPONIZED PLANETARY CONTROL GRID! Space Fence5G TechnologySynthetic BiologyNanotech DNA ManipulationIonization of the Atmosphere Dark Journalist welcomes back Geo-engineering author Elana Freeland for an incredible tour through the murky world of the weaponization of the environment using 5G, Nanotech, DNA Surveillance, Synthetic …[continue reading]

How Real Mind Control Works

When people are confronted with the idea of “mind control” they often think of something out of television or film media; a lone prisoner tortured, chemically dazed and conditioned into a hollow zombie as his captors squeeze information from him or use him to complete a task he would not normally do or morally accept. …[continue reading]