We Must Address Difficult Realities or be Destined to Repeat the Unthinkable

Panel of experts, Dr. Scott Jensen, Ivor Cummins, and Bobby Bounds, join the program to discuss the tragedy of the last few years. We openly address some of the more difficult issues and address the urgent need for major reform. Learn more about Dr. Scott Jensen and support his campaign for MN Governor at DrScottJensen.comLearn …[continue reading]

The music of Anders Holte & Cacina Meadu, made visible by CymaScope instrument.

This beautiful, state-of-the-art cymatics video is the voice of Anders Holte and the music of Cacina Meadu made visible by CymaScope instrument. Anders & Cacina are gifted artistes and their music is loved internationally. They recording was made for an online event, hosted by Tsipi Raz, director of “The 1 Field” documentary. Anders & Cacina …[continue reading]

Welcome to Bartering Ireland

This website was setup for people who wish to sell goods/barter goods/barter energy, or for people who are looking for producers/suppliers or businesses in their county that can provide alternative produce or services on a local level. At this moment in time, we are just asking people, who are willing to offer goods/services etc, to …[continue reading]

The science of mantras: how sacred sounds heal body, mind and spirit

For more than 3000 years mantras (sacred sounds) have been chanted for the purpose of spiritual healing. During the early period of Hinduism, spiritual gurus became fascinated by poetry and began to write sounds in sacred texts like the Rigveda. Those same sounds have echoed throughout the East all the way to today, and are …[continue reading]

Globalization from Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan until today

In this study, Éric Toussaint covers the period from the 15th to the 21st century, focusing on the dramatic effects of capitalist globalisation. The beginning of Globalization goes back to the outcomes of the first voyage of Christopher Columbus that brought him, on October 1492, to the shore of an island in the Caribbean Sea. [1] …[continue reading]

Gab Is a Sleeping Giant

A record number of Americans “quit their jobs” this November, or that is to say they were either forced to quit their jobs or got fired for refusing to inject themselves with an experimental substance. Millions more are biding their time as our federal government tries to force businesses with over 100 employees to mandate vaccination …[continue reading]

5 Ways to Financial Security While Building Thriving Communities Outside The System

Tyranny seems to be the main entree on the menu these days, but there are so many wonderful appetizers and other dishes to generate the fuel you need to succeed during a time that requires a lot of faith, intention, and determination. Together, we can build a future that provides abundance, financial security, and a …[continue reading]

Cognitive Dissonance, Conditioning, and Reality Creation

Brendan D. Murphy, GuestWaking Times In light of the evidence available to us today through various spheres of investigation, philosophical materialism can justifiably be looked upon as an unconscious ego defence mechanism (a shield against cognitive dissonance), a sort of superstition designed to preserve the individual’s limited conception of self at the expense of a …[continue reading]

Must Mankind Bow to False Gods?

Julian Rose, ContributorWaking Times We are living in the land of fake-believe. Nothing is as it seems in this virtual world invented and monopolised by deceivers. A world in which warriors of truth are named ‘conspiracy theorists’ and masters of the lie are named ‘upholders of the truth’. And all the while, a largely hypnotized …[continue reading]