Maritime Implications of Recent US Supreme Court Rulings

In recent weeks the U.S. Supreme Court has fundamentally changed the ways that laws are interpreted and enforced by federal agencies. These decisions will have far-reaching impacts on heavily-regulated sectors, such as the U.S. maritime industry, potentially altering the balance of power between stakeholders and federal regulators. Civil penalties require 7th Amendment protectionsOn June 27, …[continue reading]

Bloodline Family Control Traced from Ancient Sumeria to Present Day w/ Dean Henderson

Political analyst and Author Dean Henderson joins the program to discuss his deep research into the bloodline families that have controlled the world, according to Henderson, since the times of ancient Sumeria. He explains the connects in old transcripts including the dead sea scrolls, the Sumerian tablets, and the Bible. He connects ancient history to …[continue reading]

The People’s Pen: How Citizen Notices Shaped Recent Game-Changing SCOTUS Rulings

Are we witnessing a “Notice” Revolution? Everyday Americans, turned citizen scholars, have quietly reclaimed the Supreme Court with legal notices to lead SCOTUS’ return to the constitution. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):

“Evolutionary Due Process”

Similar to the metamorphosis of an earth-bound caterpillar becoming a free-flying butterfly, Man’s unique “first in time” genesis and faultless right of way “evolutionary due process” from a non-reducible single-celled Zygote in the womb to a mature non-reducible thoroughly inspired, enlightened, and self-governing man beyond the womb may be a mysterious thing to the unlearned …[continue reading]

PAUL A. WALLIS & TC ARKLE ~ “Dark AI Web, Truth & Enlightenment & Divine Feminine”

PAUL ANTHONY WALLIS and TC ARKLE will take you on a journey into the field of secret esoteric knowledge, the holy scriptures, symbolism, our E.T. Alien connection, politics, the N W O agenda, the true understanding or INNER-standing of what is the Divine Feminine, the female essence, strength and sexuality, as well as the Sacred …[continue reading]

Hungary’s Orban announces new EU Parliament alliance

Three parties have created the Patriots for Europe to secure more influence for right-wing leaders Leader of Czech ANO party Andrej Babis(L), Chairman of Freedom Party Austria Herbert Kickl and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban © Global Look Press / IMAGO Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has announced the creation of a new EU Parliament alliance, in cooperation …[continue reading]

Mark Passio – Two Masks, Same Face: The Dark Occult Origins Of Nazism & Communism

Mark Passio – Two Masks, Same Face: The Dark Occult Origins Of Nazism & Communism In this epic, all-day presentation, Mark Passio of What On Earth Is Happening exposes the origins of the two most devastating totalitarian ideologies of all time. Mark explains how both Nazism and Communism are but two masks on the same …[continue reading]

BAR Attorney Submits Powerful Letter of Resignation to Ohio Supreme Court

Former attorney Katherine Hine submits powerful letter of resignation in Ohio, citing it is a private, for-profit corporate system that condones pedophilia, denies recovery of compensation for those whose lives are shattered by the well-connected who help trade in on the churning of controversy via CRIS (Court Registry Investment System) among a multiple of frauds …[continue reading]

Kurtis R. Kallenbach’s Placenta Mystery, Legal Secrecy, & Ecclesiastical Schemery | Vibe Rant Ep. 89

Tonight we are joined by the great facilitator of fertilization fluency and revelator of the root of all riddles, the one and only Kurtis R. Kallenbach. Join us to rapture your life-raft and reclaim a spiritual point-of-origin, as we ponder the problem of placenta piracy and legal fictions. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):