Russian Torsion Experimentation on Time & Consciousness

  Kozyrev Mirrors & Torsion Kozyrev’s mirrors open up those enclosed in them to new perceptions. Those enclosed within these specially shaped concave aluminum mirrors have out of body experiences and see visions that far exceed even LSD. The Russians have done immense research on Kozyrev’s mirrors. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional): Kozyrev’s Torsion Mirrors – Bending Time …[continue reading]

Krystal Spiral Timewave Separation: Know the Geometry, Know Thyself – Be Open to Knew Perspectives

In this video I take look at the Krystal Spiral of the Kathara Grid and Keylontic Science. I have done other videos on the Krystal Spiral and related topics in the past, and this is the first in a while. This video is coinciding with the time wave spiral separation predicted for Nov 2023, 8-9. …[continue reading]

The Power of Forgiveness

Force is often the default method to bring about change. Ambition, desire, and strategy hold our attention. In the history of mankind, violence, like a raging storm, upends kingdoms and usurps thrones. Those who exhibit the most ruthless behavior often find their will realized and manifested on the Earth. We are taught that power is …[continue reading]

Scott Ritter: Israel Palestine, Ukraine China War

By Scott Ritter The Israel-Palestine conflict has captured the world’s attention for decades, and understanding its intricacies is crucial. Scott Ritter, a seasoned expert in international relations and geopolitical analysis, will offer his insights into the historical, political, and social dynamics that shape this ongoing dispute. What to Expect: Geopolitical Analysis: Scott Ritter will provide …[continue reading]

Where Is Our Humanity?

I plead with you to view the images below. Then email or write or protest out side government offices, no matter in which, country you reside. Demand that your government close all of Israeli embassy’s, Demand sanctions on Israel and ask the UN to expel Israel from United nations. Just do it and do it …[continue reading]

“Old Testament tells Story of Alien Human Origins” w/ Paul Wallis – Part 2

Paul Anthony Wallis, a senior Churchman, served 33 years as an Archdeacon, a church doctor and a Theological Educator in the Anglican Church. As a researcher and author he began to realize the original texts did not align with the current interpretations. His series of books outlines what he believes are the original true meanings …[continue reading]

Manifesting Health, Shielding and Protection for Dangerous Times!

In this podcast, we delve into the art of manifestation and how it can help you create the life you want and create a better world. We’ll discuss different manifestation techniques, share inspiring stories, and provide practical advice to help you manifest your best life and change the world around you. Join me and Debra …[continue reading]

A World Where Genocide of Civilians Is Not Only Accepted, but Cheered

“But in the bright light of truth and honesty, this has been only offensive and unrestrained aggression. Zionism is not Judaism, it is a tyrannical political cult bent on power, control, and the elimination of Palestine in favor of a singular ‘Jewish’ State.. Zionism is colonialism, pure and simple, a political/nationalist movement, formed and plotted …[continue reading]