The Central Banking Scam

The Central Banking Scam by Patrick Macfarlane | Jun 21, 2021 Oddly enough, the one question that finally brought me to anarchy was: “where does money come from?” It was perplexing to me that the answer to such a simple question could be so simple, yet so complex—and, moreover, absurd. So? Where does money come …[continue reading]

We are now at the beginning of what will be a historic collapse

It’s all coming to a disastrous end and the world faces a very dark future Alasdair Macleod: Yesterday, the FOMC [Federal Open Market Committee] released its June statement which only served to remind us that its members are powerless in the face of inflationary conditions. They refuse to accept the price consequences of monetary inflation, …[continue reading]

Controlling All Money Is Necessary in Order for the Ruling Class to Dominate the World – By Gary D. Barnett

Source – “…This is what is happening now in this fake Covid fraud, which is leading to a reset and complete restructuring of all monetary systems. Make no mistake about it; this is about power and control, and it should be understood that without control over the money, control over the people is not …[continue reading]

Cryptocurrency: The Greatest Opportunity to Achieve Financial Freedom

The greatest opportunity to achieve financial freedom in our lifetime is here; this opportunity involves cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The most well-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Last year, August 28, 2020, I published my first video about cryptocurrency titled “The Power of Cryptocurrency: Is Cryptocurrency Dead Money?” In that video, I said that “because many corporations …[continue reading]

Is There A Chance To Unite the Pro and Anti Blockchain Crowds?

In recent weeks a debate has sprung up in various corners of the Freedom/Truth movements. Particularly, a debate between the section of this community that believe blockchain and/or cryptocurrency can play a role in the quest for liberation, and those who believe that blockchain/crypto is simply a tool by the Predator Class to ensnare everyone …[continue reading]

How Banks Really Work and How Money is Actually Created

Economist and host Danielle DiMartino Booth talks with economics Professor Richard Werner about how banking really works, how money is actually created, what quantitative easing is really about, and why the Central Banking Cartel’s new digital reserve currency project will wipe out diversity in banking and drive global inflation. The answers to these questions also …[continue reading]

Entire Federal Reserve payment system CRASHES due to ‘operational error’ freezing $3trillion in daily transactions including paychecks, tax refunds and bill payments

All Federal Reserve settlement services suffered disruptions on Wednesday The key banking systems were offline for more than three hours  Fed says that the massive outage was caused by an ‘operational error’ Systems affected form the backbone of US banking and financial sector Fedwire is used by banks to transfer an average of $3.3 trillion …[continue reading]