Century of Enslavement: The Fraudulent History of The Federal Reserve ▪️ Corbett Report

Where does Money Come From❓▪️ Money plays a crucial role in our daily lives. Not only is it the currency which allows us to lead lives of relative health and comfort, but many would argue that it also serves as the driving force behind many of the world’s gravest ills. Despite its overwhelming dominance in …[continue reading]

Shifting the Narrative

How Do You Create a Diversion? Joe Lange Mar 20, 2024         We are currently in a nonstop narrative war. The evidence is everywhere, and most people in this community realize that. But we’ve actually been in a narrative war going back many generations. A narrative war is just a fight for …[continue reading]

Bitcoin’s Meteoric Rise and What Happens Next By Doug Casey

It recently exceeded its previous all-time high of around $69,000, which was set in November 2021. What are your thoughts? Doug Casey: Right now, the world runs on the dollar standard. Almost all international trade is done with the US dollar. Still, it’s increasingly apparent to everybody worldwide that the US dollar is the unbacked liability …[continue reading]

Fractional-Reserve Banking By Murray N. Rothbard

We have already described one part of the contemporary flight from sound, free market money to statized and inflated money: the abolition of the gold standard by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933, and the substitution of fiat paper tickets by the Federal Reserve as our “monetary standard.” Another crucial part of this process was the federal …[continue reading]

John McAfee speaks about government, taxes, banks, corruption, and how cryptocurrency can save us from them.

“Cryptocurrency, not developed by governments and institutions but by people, offers us, for the first time in human history, a chance for absolute financial freedom where your wallet is your bank.” “Privacy coins, distributed exchanges will be the end of government control, they cannot, stop it, control it or monitor it anymore.” EMBED A VIDEO …[continue reading]

Michael Rivero on all Wars Being Bankers’ Wars | Jerm Warfare

Over the last two centuries, private (central) bankers have tried to control the world, says Michael Rivero, creator of the documentary All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars. A brief history Private bankers have hugely influenced global wars and economies for over two centuries, says Rivero. Starting with the American Revolution, he argues that conflicts like the War of 1812 and …[continue reading]

The Mystery of Money – Beyond Greed and Scarcity | Chapter 9 – Epilogue – Appendix | Bernard Lietaer (2002)

Reproduced from: http://docs.banks-need-boundaries.net/en/Lietaer__Mystery_of_Money.pdf Table of Contents Chapter 9: Our Future, Our Money Updating the Archetypal Vocabulary Holding Paradoxes Money Outlook Epilogue: A Future Tale Appendix A: A Brief Glossary LINKS TO OTHER CHAPTERS Chapter 9: Our Future, Our Money “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.We are spiritual beings having a human experience.Teilhard de …[continue reading]