by James Patrick Central Bank Digital Currencies are being pushed worldwide by central banks and governments. Are we witnessing the natural evolution of money in the digital age, as many say, or does this innovation represent more of a system of controlling people rather than a new form of money?   Does the public benefit from …[continue reading]

De-Dollarization Bombshell: The Coming of BRICS+ Decentralized Monetary Ecosystem

Get ready for what may well be the geoeconomic bombshell of 2024: the coming of a decentralized monetary ecosystem. Welcome to The Unit  – a concept that has already been discussed by the financial services and investments working group set up by the BRICS+ Business Council and has a serious shot at becoming official BRICS+ policy …[continue reading]

Why does the government borrow when it can print?

In the first seven months of Fiscal Year (FY) 2024, net interest (payments minus income) on the federal debt reached $514 billion, exceeding spending on both national defense ($498 billion) and Medicare ($465 billion). The interest tab also exceeded all the money spent on veterans, education, and transportation combined. Spending on interest is now the second …[continue reading]

Ongoing Operation: Banking Cartel is taking down the Crypto Entrepreneurs w/ Reggie Middleton

Crypto currency entrepreneur, Reggie Middleton, joins the program to explain the attack on crypto entrepreneurs that is ongoing. How he is specifically being targeted and why him and others in this space are being targeted. Middleton is heavily supported by Veri owners, the same people who the government claims he defrauded. You can learn more …[continue reading]

Beware The Risen People, Part 1 of 3: Global Banking – A Criminal Syndicate Of Tyrants And Thieves!

by Gabriel Donohoe [On the evening before his execution by a British firing squad for his part in the Easter Rebellion in Dublin in 1916, Padraic Pearse etched a few lines from his own poem, “The Rebel”, on the wall of his cell… And I say to my people’s masters: BewareBeware of the thing that …[continue reading]

Exclusive Alert Breaking: “British Banks are all on the brink of collapse” Godfrey Bloom.

Banks in America are collapsing at the rate of one a month. “we are entering a new dark age” Godfrey Bloom ,Author, Fund manager, Former MEP and former British Army Major with the 4th Armoured Brigade gives a startling expose of how close to financial meltdown we are. How reliable are our Banks? They are …[continue reading]

Maltese central bank governor, deputy PM face charges in snowballing corruption case

Malta’s political elite is being rocked by impending charges over a 2015 hospital concession deal. MAY 7, 2024 11:22 PM CET BY BEN MUNSTER, GEOFFREY SMITH AND CARLO BOFFA Malta’s political elite is facing a reckoning as a long-running investigation into alleged corruption under former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat comes to a head. Central Bank of Malta Governor Edward Scicluna …[continue reading]