The Untold Story of How a Shared Currency Became the EU’s Achilles Heel | Truth Over News

We hope that you and your families all had a wonderful Christmas. There’s been a lot of talk about the European Union lately, much of it concerning the EU’s long-term viability.
The European Union has been tottering from one crisis to another, and still faces many challenges to its future. Unelected Brussels bureaucrats are absolutely terrified that a populist surge is on the horizon—so much so that each election that comes forth on the calendar serves as a potential referendum on the EU’s very survival. And election outcomes friendly to Brussels do not cement the EU’s longevity—they merely forestall its demise.
Meanwhile, European Union leadership in Brussels has proven itself markedly inept at responding to crises—and fiscal management in general. The level of regulation put in place has been staggering, and costly. Unfettered immigration has created a flood of refugees who have shown little or no interest in assimilation and are a significant drain on already strained resources.
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