FDA tells the vaccine injured: “Thanks for sharing”

20 vaccine injured travelled to Washington DC to meet with lawmakers and the FDA. Peter Marks was too busy to meet with them in person, so they met on a 1-hour zoom call.

Sep 24

Here’s the article on Trial Site News describing what happened when 20 vaccine injured went to Washington DC to meet with the FDA and members of Congress.

Basically, they thanked the 20 people for sharing their stories. From the article:

“The data is not sufficiently robust,” Dr. Peter Marks said repeatedly. “With these low rates, it’s very hard to know what you’re looking at.” The word “rare” was used, and, of course, the phrase “1 in a million.”

And then there was this: “That’s not to say we won’t continue to look.”

I have vaccine injury reports from over 1,000 people. They are sorted by number of symptoms from a list of 145 symptoms that I found are associated with COVID vaccine injuries. Stuff like:

  1. Inability to talk

  2. Bleeding behind my eyes

You know, stuff like that that you rarely see.

There is clearly a cause and effect here when you realize that most of these people are perfectly healthy before the shot (few if any symptoms from my list) and then suddenly develop 40 to 86 symptoms from the list. This happens to people vaccinated with the COVID vaccine over and over again.

My survey is not exhaustive; there are millions of vaccine injured. So for each case reported here, multiply it by at least 1,000 others with similar symptoms.

So there are an estimated 100,000 people in America with 30 or more common vaccine symptoms.

I am persona non grata at these FDA meetings


Unfortunately, I am never invited to any of these meetings with the FDA.

Furthermore, the massive amounts of data I’ve collected on the vaccine injured (this particular survey is just one example) is never shared with Dr. Marks by any of the people who meet with him.

And of course, Dr. Marks ignores my direct emails to him.

Relative frequency of the 145 symptoms in my survey


Click on the image for a more readable view. This is the reporting rate for each of the 145 symptoms of the 1,017 people who responded to my survey. I have the full contact info for all of these victims.

Dr. Nath


In addition to Dr. Peter Marks at the FDA, Dr. Avindra Nath at the NIH has been spending a lot of time looking for an association between the vaccines and side effects for more than a year. He still hasn’t been able to find an association.

Specifically, Dr. Nath at the NIH has been investigating vaccine injuries of more than 500 vaccine-injured people for more than a year and he recently told the press that he has not been able to find a link between the vaccines and injuries. I reached out to Dr. Nath for his reasoning, but he refuses to talk to me. Please read my article on Dr. Nath, a man who values his position at NIH more than the lives of millions of Americans.

I offered to share all my data with him, but he wasn’t interested. Maybe that’s why he’s not able to figure out the cause and effect here.

Here are some articles about Dr. Nath:

  1. Shining light on the vaccine injured (Feb 1, 2022) summarizes Dr. Nath’s work.

  2. The NIH now knows that the COVID vaccines can cause death 1 year from the vaccination date (April 25, 2022). Dr. Nath knows this person who died a year after his vax. The death was caused by the vaccine. The coroner confirmed it. But Dr. Nath doesn’t consider death a vaccine injury.

  3. COVID vaccine victim? Meet Dr. Avindra Nath of the NIH (April 26, 2022)

  4. My email to Dr. Nath at NIH asking him how long he thinks they can keep hiding the injuries (Aug 4, 2022)

For more information on the survey, the data, and the stories of the injured in the survey

  1. Vaccine injured detailed reports from the first 95 people (of over 1,000) who reported to my database (21 pages)

  2. The public records of over 1,000 vaccine injured people, sorted by # of symptoms. This database has extensive info on each of the vaccine injured including why they believe their injuries were caused by the vaccine.

  3. The survey form that was used to collect the data, showing the 146 symptoms I asked about

  4. The article about the survey entitled, “Know anyone who was injured or killed by the COVID vaccines? Please register them now.”

  5. Marsha Gee, one of the most COVID vaccine injured people in the world who answered the survey. She developed 78 symptoms from my list. I guarantee you that all of her symptoms were pre-existing in the survey form at the time she filled it out. When I first saw her entry, I thought I was being pranked. I wasn’t.

Some day they will look at the data I’ve collected


I hope that someday, one of the vaccine injured will share this article with Dr. Marks or Dr. Nath and ask them how they can explain this data and why they weren’t interested in seeing it.

I claim that this data is impossible to explain if the vaccines are safe.

I’m happy to share the full contact information of each of the over 1,000 injured with the FDA, but nobody in authority seems to be interested in pursuing this.

Maybe someday.