Andrea Cionci: Censored Interview Interview transcript

The Italian journalist Andrea Cionci has requested I publish the following censored interview with his commentary.     __________________ There is no clear reason that may explain what is going on in the United States. This is already the second time that fellow American journalists have offered me an interview on my book “Ratzinger Code” …[continue reading]

Romley Stewart Justinian Deception Common Law Part 1: Reloaded

Reedited and audio improved. This is a MUST WATCH!!! Part 2 is also available on my channel. 💥 Exclusive Interview: Unveiling the Extraordinary Journey of Rom, the Unyielding History Researcher and Common Law Expert!  💣 Prepare to have your mind blown as we dive deep into the remarkable story of Rom, the trailblazing history …[continue reading]

Economies Of The West Are Spiraling Abysmally

The US Dollar is the tenth strongest currency in the world …  despite having the largest economy by GDP in the world.   The top three currencies are Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.   Eight  African Colonies of France were required to trade in the French Franc creating an artificial strength in currency valuation.   In 2021, the Euro …[continue reading]