The Most Powerful Man In The World? The “Black” Pope

Count Hans Kolvenbach—The Jesuit’s General4/15/00   RICK MARTIN  So, you thought you were pretty well informed by now about all of the main players on the “conspiracy” playing field?  You’ve maybe been hearing for years about (or bumped into on your own) the various elements of society who control our world from behind the scenes. You’ve …[continue reading]

Miami Mayor Announces Bitcoin Adoption Resolution Green Light

Retail and institutional investors aren’t the only ones getting caught up in the Bitcoin hysteria. Major cities are now rolling out the red carpet for the foremost digital asset. The city of Miami looks set to become the first major Bitcoin hotspot in the United States. The city’s mayor, Francis Suarez, endorsed the digital asset …[continue reading]

‘Beyond outrageous’: Big Pharma using loophole to get taxpayers to fund billions in fines for fueling opioid crisis

“The tax code is so rigged for the rich that even when they kill people they get a tax break.” “While tens of millions of Americans are experiencing extreme economic hardship and dealing with intermittent and often inadequate governmental support for unemployment, food, housing, and small business continuity,” said Robert Weissman of Public Citizen on …[continue reading]

Mouthy Buddha: Elite Human and Child Trafficking [Vol.2] – Art In Embassies [10.02.2021)

Are thinks connected?Monitoring the hidden movements beneath the surface. Pizza, Politics, Breaking News – things many others won’t touch.Mouthy Buddha (Banned on YT)24673 subscribers—Elite Human Trafficking [Vol. 1] – Ghislaine Maxwell’s TERRAMAR PROJECT [15.12.2020]Mouthy Buddha (Banned on YT)24673 subscribers—Your donations are crucial, and profoundly appreciated: PATREON: One time donations: PAYPAL: Memory Holds – Monitoring the …[continue reading]

Courts Are Ruling in Favor of Trump in Election Lawsuits

A careful analysis of 81 lawsuits related to election fraud have been filed. Of those that have been ruled upon, President Trump has won two-thirds of them.   An extensive report issued by John Droz and his team of fellow scientists and engineers is being totally ignored by the mainstream media. Instead, the media narrative is …[continue reading]


The Globalists on the Mainstream Media have been telling us what they plan to do with the majority of Americans who voted for Trump. They plan to pass a law that will label Constitutionalists, Libertarians and all who disagree with their plans to asset-strip, dismantle and crash the United States as “domestic terrorists”; to put …[continue reading]

Absolute Proof Please share with everyone you know to save our country!

Watch this whole EVIDENCE video and share. PLEASE take a stand for the sake of the country. The media is doing all they can to bury this, but the consequences are devastating for the country. The fraudsters who have taken over Washington all need to go. But it won’t happen without you. Watch then you …[continue reading]