The DemonRats, trolls and insane people who are calling the Trump assassination attempt a “hoax” are taking part in deceit which the deep state seeks to spread in order to divide and conquer the masses and control the narrative so that YOU never know who or what to believe about anything. It’s a mind war …[continue reading]

An Example of the Idiocy By Anna Von Reitz

Quote:  “Rotary International, the WHO, UNICEF, GAVI, WEF, and the Gates Foundation have poured tens of billions of dollars into vaccinating malnourished children who lack sanitation, water, refrigeration and education. Instead of pushing money into polio, measles and rotavirus vaccines, think of the global problems that would have been solved if those same dollars had been allocated …[continue reading]

Interview with Alex Newman, July 2, 2024

Wall Street financing of the Nazis; eugenics; totalitarianism as a response to capitalist crisis; failures of denazification; 1930s Nazi Germany vs. the West since 2020; where it leads; and resistance David A. Hughes and Alex Newman Jul 13, 2024   Thanks to Alex Newman for this conversation around Wall Street, the Nazis, and the Crimes …[continue reading]

Nazi Billionaires. The Dark History of Germany’s Wealthiest Dynasties. With David de Jong, 7/20/2022

This event features a conversation between Rachel Stern and David de Jong, author of the landmark work of investigative journalism, which reveals the true story of how Germany’s wealthiest business dynasties amassed untold money and power by abetting the atrocities of the Third Reich – and how America knowingly allowed these horrors to happen. In …[continue reading]

Barabar – Full documentary (2024) BARABAR – Breathtaking precision and geometry discovered in ancient Indian granite caves

Located in a remote area of India are some of the most remarkable ancient structures anywhere on the planet. A series of granite rock-cut caves, that recent studies utilizing modern 3d-scanning technology have been revealed to have utterly incredible precision and astonishing geometry. This is a very important film and discovery – of yet another …[continue reading]