Humanity under GENOCIDE attack by Vatican and Rothschilds

Michael Swinwood, a Canadian attorney, summarizes the backstory of who (W.H.O.) is behind global genocide. The Anonymous Patriots have posted enormous amounts of material on our sites to verify that Swinwood’s statements are historically accurate. Use the search bar at any of these sites to see the evidence – just type in ‘genocide’, ‘vaccines’, ‘Rothschilds’, …[continue reading]

‘Forever’ Battery Made from Nuclear Waste Takes 28,000 Years to Run Out of Charge

California startup Nano Diamond Battery (NDB) says it has designed a battery made from nuclear waste that will take up to 28,000 years to run out of charge. Image source: RT News   The “forever” diamond battery was developed for use in deep space and other niche applications, but a consumer-facing prototype is also …[continue reading]


Catherine Austin Fitts joins Dark Journalist to discuss the ongoing Global Financial Coup d’État, as established by the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s Statement 56 (FASB 56). “FASB 56 basically said, ‘We’re going to privatize the Treasury to an invisible committee that we don’t know who that is and they’re going to be able to create …[continue reading]