Paedophiles in Parliament

In Brief The Facts: Sonia Poulton, a British journalist, social commentator, and filmmaker, has been investigating the dark web of pedophilia for years. Some of her research has been complied into a documentary called “Pedophiles In Parliament.” Reflect On: Evidence has been emerging for decades with regards to this type of activity in ‘high profile …[continue reading]

The Anti-Authoritarian’s Dilemma

By Ben Bartee A lifetime spent in opposition to illegitimate authority is a lifetime spent on the wrong side of the power balance. The establishment, by definition, is forever at the reins of power, while the anti-authoritarian perpetually finds himself on the outside looking in. Such is the anti-authoritarian resistance fighter’s cross to bear. Resistance …[continue reading]

“The Awakening Of The Masses & The 2. Wave” (An Update with Akos) ~ AKOS MONDOVICI

We are now ready to re-visit Akos with a new interview: “THE AWAKENING OF THE MAS-KED MASSES & THE 2. WAVE”. What is going on i Romania right now with the coming, so called 2. wave? How is it connected to a possible global orchestrated master plan, and several other symbolic events that changed the …[continue reading]

“The Master Key To The Mystery Of The Universe & Occultism” ~ AKOS MONDOVICI [Age Of Truth TV]

An UPDATE with AKOS MONDOVICI, who became an instant success with the viewers when AGE OF TRUTH TV did an interview with him on July 1st. 2020: “The Master Key To The Mystery Of The Universe”,   We are now ready to re-visit Akos with a new interview: “THE AWAKENING OF THE MAS-KED MASSES & …[continue reading]

House of Mirrors

Everyone feels the shake up, the wake up, the house of mirrors reflecting back their every thought and emotion, while this carnival ride spins faster and faster. Everyone wants to know what’s coming next, what to prepare for, what to hope for, and how it’s all going to roll out. Inhaling, exhaling, trying to reclaim …[continue reading]

Patriots are winning on many fronts

Betsy and Thomas review several topics in today’s audio: 1) Anarchists in Democrat run cities are being arrested 2) Kamala’s new look (see video below as well) 3) Parent education options in the fall 4) Why is Bill Barr doing NOTHING about arresting coup operatives?? EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):


SCAM ARTIST…MEGALOMANIAC…WITH ENOUGH MONEY TO MAKE A LOT OF BAD THINGS HAPPEN. A detailed documentary by James Corbett. Who the heck is Bill Gates? The Jeffrey Epstein of vaccine development.   Scam artist…megalomaniac… And a guy with enough money to bribe every single corner of “medical research” from the World Health Organization to Johns Hopkins. …[continue reading]