Alternative Health Under Attack We’ve been talking about it for over ten years…because we were one of the first news publications to be interfered with on a massive scale. Now the gloves have come off and everyone is under the gun.   Mike Adams’ 3 million person Facebook account for Natural News was taken down …[continue reading]

Michael Tubbs: The political power of being a good neighbor

Michael Tubbs is the youngest mayor in American history to represent a city with more than 100,000 people — and his policies are sparking national conversations. In this rousing talk, he shares how growing up amid poverty and violence in Stockton, California shaped his bold vision for change and his commitment to govern as a …[continue reading]

United Nations Rules In Favour Of Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange

A UN panel has ruled that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was under a three-and-a-half years “arbitrary detention” while holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy. HIS LAWYERS ARE ASKING FOR THE WARRANT TO BE DROPPED AND HIS PASSPORT RETURNED Julian Assange sought sanctuary in the Ecuadorian embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden on sexual accusations which …[continue reading]

Jerry Brown Reluctantly Admits Trump Was Right About California Wildfires

California Gov. Jerry Brown has reluctantly admitted that President Trump was correct in asserting that poor forest management led to the recent wildfires.    In an astonishing about-face, Gov. Brown is now urging state lawmakers to ease restrictions on logging that were enacted under pressure from liberal environmental groups. reports: Brown is proposing one of …[continue reading]

New Report: Global Warming Is A Rockefeller Scam

The Rockefeller family, an unfathomably wealthy banking and oil dynasty, has been hijacking governments, media organizations, universities, non-profits, and other power centers to expand its control over the economy and the energy sector in particular, according to a recently released investigation by a watchdog group.   The Rockefeller dynasty has largely created, bankrolled, and weaponized what is known as …[continue reading]