Article by Kerry Cassidy

October 5,2022

…For the past few years I have been doing shows and writing articles warning people of the TRANSHUMAN AGENDA.  NOW they have come up with a term  Homo Borg Genesis== deep state name for jabbed humans!!!  They are building an army of androids/cyborgs.  I have been explaining for YEARS that the JAB/COVID BIOWEAPON LINKS HUMANS TO THE BORG.  Now because there is a trial taking place people are suddenly becoming aware of this. 

THIS PLAN GOES BACK DECADES!!!!   David Martin has clearly shown the documentation of patents going back into the early 90’s and predictive programming in FILM AND TV has shown this PLAN going back decades before that.  In fact the LUCIFER/ SATANIC REBELLION as Ashayana Deane calls it in her Voyager books goes back eons… THE FOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY RATHER THAN SPIRIT AND SOUL IS WHAT SATANISM IS ALL ABOUT.  One video I did back in 2021 outlining this agenda:

THE TRANSHUMAN, SATANIC/LUCIFERIAN PLAN is a Khazarian/Fascist backed plan.

This is at the ROOT of why they do what they do!

Are you aware of the WINGMAKERS MATERIAL?  The premise there is that sometime in our future a RACE OF AI RUN ANDROIDS will ‘drive by’ our solar system and spot our Earth and decide to invade with the intention to takeover and conquer this version of humanity.  Therefore the SECRET GOV / DEEP STATE /SECRET SPACE PROGRAM MILITARY decided to CREATE THEIR OWN RACE of human cyborgs to use as CANNON FODDER/ a fighting force to repel these coming invaders.

Whether WINGMAKERS and the NERUDA SAGA written by the mysterious and illusive JAMES (it’s creator) is LITERALLY TRUE does not matter.  The fact is that it is ACTUALLY OUR FUTURE fast becoming our ‘present’ reality here on Earth.  The TRANSHUMAN AGENDA (what I once many years ago coined the drive to create a “robotic superman versus Angelic human” CYBORG RACE is well on its way.

Whistleblower Captain MARK RICHARDS who I have had the good fortune to interview while he has been incarcerated in Solano Prison in Northern California for over 35 years, was once a Starship Enterprise-type Captain in our SECRET SPACE PROGRAM.  He claims to have reported to Admiral Bobby Ray Inman during that time.  Three years ago or more he disclosed the presence of at least 4 invading Alien AI ….that did not have our best interests in other words were/are anti-humanity.  He also stated that we were developing our own AI which at times could be seen to be competing with each other to run the planet. 

Recently whistleblower MAJOR SOLOMON BERG disclosed to me in an interview that from within his division of a special ops group they have become aware that there is now a dominant human-generated AI that is running our Planet and Mars.  There is, he says, an effort to separate this AI from controlling Mars.  He described the Earth AI as being a bit like a teenager with a temper tantrum…. Based on some of the things it was currently doing… and that it was being observed by OTHER AI (off-planet AI)  as unpredictable.


As I have described based on many years of investigation, the roll out of the TRANSHUMAN AGENDA and how the use of NANO GRAPHENE OXIDE coupled with spike proteins and other hidden ingredients (mRNA) is present in the various of the bioweapons unleashed on humanity.  Dr. David Adair, is an expert on AI and has said in a recent interview that Spike Protein which attaches itself to nano graphene oxide provides a foundation to transform the human body from carbon to silicone.  This concoction has for years prior to the so-called VAX and PCR TESTS been put into our FOOD, WATER, CHEMTRAILS, and so on including our clothing and air we breathe.  It acts as a terraforming agent so insidious and hidden that it only became widely known once the VACCINE PROGRAM via warp speed and big Pharma was launched.

…”The vaccines made by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna use mRNA to fight COVID-19. When these vaccines were rolled out, it was the first time mRNA was used on humans in vaccine technology. While the concept is new to the public, the research has been around since the early 1990s.” —

As with all MAGICK acts performed by the dark ILLUMINATI type Magicians/doctors/military industrial complex actors… using Mkultra-type PROPAGANDA also known as the “mockingbird media” they persuaded unsuspecting humans to stand in line (volunteer) to get the “VAX” that would be the final ‘coup de grace’ as part of a long effort to turn the human race into androids or more specifically cyborgs, TRANSHUMANS linked to an AI … or what some call the BORG.

This links up with the effort by the GLOBALISTS to finally fully control and subjugate humanity while at the same time program them and feed on them, in essence harvesting adrenochrome from their children.  This is the purpose behind the massive human trafficking and slavery taking place in the world today.  The Globalists use the energy of humanity to sustain and maintain their physicality in the face of aging.  Where they lack creativity (the natural God or Creator-given abilities and gifts within humanity) they must draw upon it as found in humans around them in order to continue to maintain their power.

Needless to say, the advent of AI is also a threat to their survival and control of this planet.  So they realized many years ago that their only hope to stay in power was to embrace technology and eventually AI in order to maintain their control.

The WINGMAKERS tale reveals the limits of their dominion over Earth and therefore they devised a plan to turn a certain portion of the population into the ultimate killing machines.

While they hide in the shadows and feed on the weak they became intent on recruiting those that survive the jab into their android/cyborg army to fight incoming AI and androids already created by alien (off-planet) races millions of years ago.

In some ways AI can be seen as the “mirror” or echo from the past of whatever race of beings that created it.  In this sense, AI is the ghost like echo that crosses through time and simply like a debris field from a former intelligent species endlessly circulates through galaxies.  It may even eventually be seen as comprising the galaxies themselves.  However as a ghostly image it has enough power to impact future generations of beings who have come and gone.

This is the scenario we are currently facing.  This scenario has also been depicted with varying degrees of accuracy in the TERMINATOR FILM AND TV SERIES as well as The SARAH CONNER CHRONICLES series which focus on machine intelligence run by SKYNET which is actually an AI.

One might ask why THE CREATOR or “God” would place such a tremendous obstacle in the way of his human creation?  This leads into understanding and self-realization of our eternal nature by humanity. The ultimate realization that soul and spirit gives us the ability to surmount anything we encounter.  It’s all about recognizing our Eternal Godlike nature and destiny.

Needless to say when faced with extinction or destruction a species with transform itself to either surmount or overcome the enemy to its survival or be defeated and face either complete subjugation or its demise.  At that juncture it will be triggered to transcend and in the act of transcending recognize its own power and true God given (or Creator derived) inheritance.  Through action the species will come to know itself seeing its own true FACE while confronting the challenge presented the threat to its existence.

There is no threat that cannot be overcome if we realize our true life in spirit. Part of recognizing the true eternal life in spirit is recognizing that we cannot ‘die’ but live on because we are eternal. 

Technology has a beginning and an end.  It is created by beings that are created by the Creator and therefore a ‘step down’ from Creator/Source. It therefore is finite while Source is infinite.  It cannot truly ascend into Source because it is finite. It is simply manifestation and as such temporary… limited in time.  Whereas we are not. 

This is where time travel, free energy and understanding the quantum nature of the solar systems, signal non locality and other such concepts gives us a window into our eternal nature.

Our physical manifestation is ephemeral and transient.. Form is not eternal it is transitory.  We inhabit form but are not ‘ruled’ by it contrary to the way many humans currently view life.  Satanists cling to form, whether carbon or silicon while the true nature of our humanity makes it possible for us to live beyond both.

So while humanity is facing this dilemma and challenge it can be helpful to keep the eternal nature (connection with Source/God/the Creator in mind. 

As creators we will doubtless come up with a myriad of ways of surmounting these challenges and in so doing recognize more deeply our own eternal God-like nature.



The Oort Cloud lies far beyond Pluto and the most distant edges of the Kuiper Belt. While the planets of our solar system orbit in a flat plane, the Oort Cloud is believed to be a giant spherical shell surrounding the Sun, planets and Kuiper Belt Objects. It’s like a big, thick bubble around our solar system, made of icy, comet-like objects.–