573- Do You Know the Difference between Private & Public? Let’s Talk Law (Free)

Current episode (#573) description:

In this episode we cover ideas about law. Everyone needs to have a basic grasp of their rights and the so-called laws of the land. Failure to comprehend such things puts you at a disadvantage when you are forced to deal with the legal system. We live in an era where schools purposefully ignore education covering your rights and how the legal system works. This is by design and if you have not noticed, the rights of men and women in this country have been evaporating for a century or more. If you choose not to educate yourself, then any negative result that follows is on you, perpetrated by a very one-sided system that openly acts as if you have no rights. The only rights you will ever have are the rights that you comprehend and know how to defend. We have covered a lot of legal ideas and… IT IS ON YOU… to verify and vet all information as it relates to your life. There are many methods people pursue in regards to legal situations. One size does not fit all, nor do many of them agree with each other. But, one thing is true in all cases – You Have Rights, if you comprehend and know how to defend them.