Average Person Now Swallows Credit Card’s Weight in Plastic Every Week

The average person now swallows five grams of plastic each week — the same amount of plastic as a credit card — according to new research by the WWF.   Researchers found that people are consuming up to 102,000 tiny pieces of plastic that add up to almost nine ounces each year – with nearly 90 …[continue reading]

Scientists Discover Mineral That Could Make Internet 1,000 Times Faster

Scientists have discovered a rare mineral in Russia that could hold the key to boosting internet speeds by 1000%.    The mineral, perovskite, was first discovered in Russia in the 1830’s. Scientists say that it has a number of extraordinary properties, many of which they are now learning about. Forbes.com reports: Perovskite (CaTiO3) is a calcium …[continue reading]

Google Engineer Says He’s Building ‘Robot God’ To ‘Rule Over Humans’

A former Google engineer who registered the first ever church of Artificial Intelligence (AI) says he is raising a ‘robot God’ that will eventually ‘rule over humanity.’   Anthony Levandowski says the AI God will head a religion named ‘Way Of The Future’ (WOTF), and he has already filed papers with the IRS to make it …[continue reading]

Apple Deny Deliberately Slowing Down Millions Of Old iPhones

Millions of iPhone users have accused Apple of deliberately slowing down older devices in order to increase the sales of newer, more expensive iPhones.   According to furious users on Reddit, the iPhone’s performance with iOS 11 dramatically increases when the battery is replaced with a new one. Technology journalists have speculated that Apple could be ‘remotely slowing …[continue reading]

Google’s Top Priority Is Outright Censorship Of The Internet Insiders Warn

Google insiders have been warning that Google’s top priority is gaining “outright censorship” of the internet.   They also say that employees has been intimidated into silence, though many of them known as the “rebels of Google” have decided to speak out Another area of the Internet where widespread censorship is also taking place is …[continue reading]

40 New Scientific Papers Say Nothing Unusual Happening in Climate Change

The scare about global warming is overhyped, according to more than 40 scientific papers published in just the first three months of 2018.   What their charts show is that “nothing climatically unusual is happening.“ Breitbart.com reports: In the chart below from a study by Polovodova et al, we see that 20th century warming is perfectly normal in a …[continue reading]

Monarch butterfly on verge of extinction because of Monsanto herbicide

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have  announced new steps to save the Monarch butterfly.   The exquisite Monarch butterfly is extremely important for biodiversity, but sadly their numbers have been falling dramatically for 20 years due to changes in farming practices that have affected the availability of their main food source, milkweed. RT reports: The beautiful monarch butterfly, …[continue reading]

The five-point plan used to justify fighting wars is being deployed in media again

A few hours before the UK’s first air strikes on Islamic State targets in Iraq, the home secretary, Theresa May, warned the Tory party conference that IS could become the “world’s first truly terrorist state“.   May said that IS could realise the “often-prophesied” threat of attacking western enemies with chemical and nuclear weapons. Interesting because, …[continue reading]

Greenpeace: Fukushima Radiation ‘100s Times Higher’ Than Reported

he environmental organization Greenpeace have released data that shows the Fukushima disaster in Japan continues to unleash deadly radiation that is hundreds of times higher than the public are being told.    The amount of radioactive substances leaking into the sea is hundreds of times higher than before the disaster, according to the Greenpeace report. Rt.com reports: …[continue reading]

Germany’s Largest Public TV Station: ‘Chemical Attack In Syria Was Staged’

Germany’s largest public TV station, ZDF heute, stunned millions of viewers during a report from the ground in Syria after claiming the chemical attack in Douma was ‘staged’.    Brave veteran reporter, Uli Gack, interviewed multiple eyewitnesses who all refuted Western reports of an April 7 chemical weapons attack. In a moment of refreshing honesty, …[continue reading]