The Seeders | Elena Danaan

I am joined returning guest, the amazing Elena Danaan, Author, Shaman, Archaeologist, and emissary for the Galactic Federation of Worlds. We discuss the recent galactic spiritual informers conference and Elena’s most recent book ‘The Seeders’. We also discuss recent updates from Elena’s channel and explore how the human collective can heal the ongoing polarizations and …[continue reading]

The Power of Applied Confusion Wielded by Demonic Bureaucrats

This April 14th episode of the Tore Says show includes segments of Zoom calls that she recorded in early 2020 of US Federal Employees gleefully talking about overthrowing the US Government, while referring to themselves “democracy activists”. These Trotskyite agents of the planetary banking cartel scream about “Our Democracy” but in reality, they hate free …[continue reading]

A handful of companies control the global propaganda

Download PDF Video Link STORY AT-A-GLANCE PR firms and ad agency holding companies are a central cog in global propaganda machine. They make sure the same message is distributed in many different places in a cohesively timed fashion An estimated two-thirds to 80% of the content broadcast and published by corporate media comes from public …[continue reading]

3rd Reich Still Exists According to German Authorities, Parallels of NAZI Protocols to Today

Psychologist and German Historian, Marius Lohden, joins the program to discuss the recent acknowledgement by the German Supreme Court that the 3rd Reich is still the reigning power in Germany. We also discuss the NAZI technocrat protocols and how that compares to todays technocratic political climate. You can learn more about Marius Lohden on his …[continue reading]

Political Ponerology: A Psychological Anatomy of Evil, Politics and Public Trauma

April 8, 2023 Russ Winter Articles by Russ Winter, Culture, International News, Politics, US News, Winter Watch Articles 13 IMAGE: Huff Post Canada ‘The biological, psychological, moral and economic destruction of the majority of normal people becomes, for the pathocrats, a biological necessity.’ — Dr. Andrew Łobaczewski (1921 – 2008) Political psychologist Dr. Andrew M. …[continue reading]

Peace is Breaking Out in the Middle East…and Washington is Not Happy!

Apr 11 – While we were being distracted by the ongoing Russia/Ukraine war – and Washington’s increasing involvement in the war – tremendous developments in the Middle East have all but ended decades of US meddling in the region. Peace is breaking out in the Middle East and Washington is not at all happy about …[continue reading]

Renewal & Integration in a Time of Decline & Conformity

From New Dawn Special Issue Vol 16 No 4 (Aug 2022) We should be cautious of prophecies that claim we are on a path of infinite political progress or infinite economic growth – or, conversely, headed toward civilisational collapse.  Things are more complicated, and opportunities remain for creating interesting new cultural movements and for personal …[continue reading]