All Is Self (Documentary)

The chaos we see in society is a reflection of the chaos within the minds of human beings. If we wish to heal society, we need to heal ourselves. Our society, and consequently us as individuals, operates on a worldview based in separation, in seeing and feeling ourselves to be separate from nature. This allow …[continue reading]

The Occult Power of the Media and Television (Article-Video)

By Pao Chang, author of Below is the transcript of the video. Please be aware that the transcript may not have all the information in the video. Bonjour and welcome to Esoteric Knowledge. My name is Pao and I am the peaceable, living, and spiritual man possessing God-given rights. In this video, I am going …[continue reading]

Article 9:Is the Current Health Crisisa Global Psychological Experiment?

A brilliant article by Wes Penre, reminds us all why how we focus our emotions, intentions and mind are so important. No matter how difficult, we must stay mentally and emotionally balanced and not attach to their narrative Article-9-Is-the-Current-Health-Crisis-a-Global-Psychological-Experiment EMBED A VIDEO (Optional): file:///C:/Users/owner/AppData/Local/Temp/Article-9-Is-the-Current-Health-Crisis-a-Global-Psychological-Experiment.pdf

Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei

These are two films having the same subject, but only partly overlapping content. The first is the extraordinary story of one Tendai monk in Japan who undertakes one of the most difficult and dangerous austerities I have come across, walking on foot round Mount Hiei 1000 times in a pilgrimage spread out over seven years, …[continue reading]

Democracy vs. Republic

The key difference between a democracy and a republic lies in the limits placed on government by the law, which has implications for minority rights. Both forms of government tend to use a representational system — i.e., citizens vote to elect politicians to represent their interests and form the government. In a republic, a constitution …[continue reading]

Alternative Social Media Platforms Surging in Wake of COVID Clampdown

If anything positive can be said about the current madness encircling the globe, it is the fact that more people are seeking knowledge during their newfound time at home. Nearly all digital media is benefiting from this surge of stay-at-home traffic. However, the underlying trend toward restrictions on free speech and demonetization is also intensifying. …[continue reading]

Alan Watts ~ There Are No Mistakes In This Universe

Alan Watts discusses the fundamental attitudes that run through all religions or ‘ways of liberation’, as the Far Eastern disciplines might better be described. By following these practices to the extremes of repentance, rebellion, and resignation, one may be freed from the endless cycles of reincarnation which perpetuate the human condition. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):