The Ascent of Money [Part 1] FULL Documentary

Ep. 1: Dreams of avariceFrom Shylock’s pound of flesh to the loan sharks of Glasgow, from the “promises to pay” on Babylonian clay tablets to the Medici banking system. Professor Ferguson explains the origins of credit and debt and why credit networks are indispensable to any civilization. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional): The Ascent of Money …[continue reading]

Financial and Banking Cover-ups

Financial and Banking Cover-ups Key Information and Facts Reveal Major Cover-up “The Federal Reserve is neither truly federal, nor a full reserve. It is not owned or directly controlled by the United States government. The fact that the words ‘United States Federal Reserve System’ are printed on every U.S. bank note thus raises serious questions.” …[continue reading]

Bitcoin Was the Best Investment of the Decade Turning $10 to $90,000, Says Bank of America:

Turning $10 to $90,000: A new report by Bank of America calls bitcoin the best investment of the decade. One dollar invested in bitcoin at the beginning of 2019 would be worth $90,000 today. A new report published by Bank of America Securities has outlined that $10 invested in bitcoin at the start of the …[continue reading]

The Enforceability & Unenforceablility of Charges Over Land

BLUNDELL LECTURES – 34TH ANNUAL SERIES THE ENFORCEABILITY AND UNENFORCEABILITY OF CHARGES OVER LAND HAVE I GOT A CHARGE? Introduction 1. The overriding theme of this year’s Blundell Lectures is dictated by the economy. Do I have to pay? Can I get out of paying? Can I sue the guarantor? These are the questions which …[continue reading]

Jury awards $5.4 million to couple after finding fraud in foreclosure case

David and Mary Ellen Wolf were several payments behind on their home mortgage and knew that foreclosure loomed. They were puzzled, though, when a foreclosure notice came early in 2011 from Wells Fargo because they hadn’t done business with that bank. They asked their West University neighbor, lawyer W. Craft Hughes, for help. After poring …[continue reading]

43% of Investors Interested in Bitcoin Are Women, Grayscale Finds A new study conducted by Grayscale has found that 43% of investors interested in the flagship cryptocurrency bitcoin are women. The study involved 1,100 U.S.-based participants aged 25-64 active in personal investing with at least $10,000 in tangible assets and a household income of at least $50,000. It found both women and men “share similar …[continue reading]

European Central Bank Should to Be ‘Ahead of the Curve’ on Stablecoins, Says Lagarde

The European Central Bank (ECB) is looking to accelerate its efforts in digital currency and get “ahead of the curve” on stablecoins, ECB President Christine Lagarde said during her debut press conference on Thursday. Lagarde highlighted the increased interests that central banks in Canada, Britain and other countries have exhibited in the digital currency space, urging the …[continue reading]

Exclusive: ING working on digital assets custody technology – sources

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Dutch bank ING (INGA.AS) is working on developing technology to help clients safely store digital assets, according to people familiar with the matter. Reuters has reported Dutch bank ING has been working on technology to help its clients safely store cryptocurrencies, citing “people familiar with the matter.” The report claims the …[continue reading]