Magicians of the Temple – ROBERT SEPEHR

The Knights Templar were a religious military order that were established during the time of the Crusades and said to have attained esoteric alchemical knowledge during their time in Jerusalem. What were their true origins and relationship to the Temple in the Holy land which their name was derived from? What were their occult beliefs and what was their impact on secret societies that allegedly succeeded them? Rex Deus (Latin: “God Kings”) are a group of European aristocratic families allegedly descended from the family lines of the 24 High Priests of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. Moloch (Saturn) Worship    • Moloch (Saturn) Worship – ROBERT SEPEHR   Heresy of the Dark Magicians    • Heresy of the Dark Magicians – ROBERT…   Bloodlines of the Chosen    • Bloodlines of the Chosen – ROBERT SEPEHR   Knights of the Lion    • Knights of the Lion – ROBERT SEPEHR   Alchemical Secrets of the Knights Templar    • Alchemical Secrets of the Knights Tem…   Dragon Bloodlines and the Serpent Seed    • Dragon Bloodlines and the Serpent See…   The Forbidden Doctrine    • The Forbidden Doctrine – ROBERT SEPEHR   Occult Bloodlines of Canaan    • Occult Bloodlines of Canaan – ROBERT …   Robert Sepehr is an anthropologist and author (books also available through other book outlets)… Robert Sepehr Links Support Robert Sepehr on Patreon:   / atlanteangardens