This is a blockbuster interview of Todd Callender by Maria Zeee, presenting evidence of how fake governments (with fake oaths of offices) are hacking humans, causing sicknesses, and plan to transition humans into “borgs”.

A year ago, the first time attorney, Todd Callender was on Maria Zeee’s podcast, he brought up the concept of Homo borgiensis (which he pronounces “Homo Borg Genesis”) and it triggered lots of “fact-checking”, notably, from

Now, he’s back with all of the legal evidence to back his claims. Todd says:


“We filed a case against the Department of Defense to stop the shots, because they were use-of-force-authorized and that led us on the journey to discover that these shots were gene modification shots designed to turn people into, effectively, chattel property slaves – and yes, Homo Borg Genesis…

“I was arguing this case, it’s Robert v Austin in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Colorado. It was on the 18th of November and I argued the case to a 3-judge panel, where I said…the reason why our soldiers didn’t want to take the shots is because they didn’t want to become somebody else’s chattel property.

“I briefly explained to them – it was in the brief, obviously – that, according to existing US Case Law, people who got genetically-modified by the shots are now somebody else’s chattel property.


“So Forbes, who was in the courtroom – it was a packed court room – immediately did their hit piece; their “fact-checking”; that it was impossible, that these shots couldn’t genetically modify anybody – and of course, that’s been proven false. These were DESIGNED for genetic modification and they were, in fact designed as part of the DoD’s Super Soldier program – and yes, of course we have the evidence – it’s their own documents, not ours.”

The two then turn their attention to the scientific paper published on March 3, 2021 by Scientific & Academic Publishing, “Effect of Coronavirus Worldwide through Misusing of Wireless Sensor Networks”, whose Abstract states:

Corona is a non-communicable sensor disease spreading worldwide through misusing of processed radio frequency. So far higher authorities of health services are facing the undesirable escalating causes of coronavirus towards human beings as a very scientific puzzle comprehensive issue. The study aims to evaluate the maltreating of wireless sensor networks that affect individuals within the body boundary area. Wireless sensor data were collected from individual’s profile, diagnosis and sensor node records at laboratory experiments. The study shows the effect of processed sensor nodes among individual’s body organs to compare with the existing environments. The study illustrates all individuals suffer from sensor disease due to reflecting of wavered sensors at open eyes sights with high speed electromagnetic-radio tracking systems. The overweight and obesity patients are sick from corona disease at less sensor time in a dark environment than that of light conditions. These findings replicate the severe global one health security that the expert provides in active eyes within geographic locations. Systematic healthcare awareness is essential for treatment with medical technological devices but such consciousness is poorly recognized and medication supports are still below par. The study suggests upcoming healthcare paths of a new dynamic alternative approach to promote global public health security concerning Sensor Health Policy and Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Todd talks us through the document.

“Coronavirus was designed to be the backbone, the infrastructure of the Wireless Body Area Network [WBAN] and I have the patent, I think I’ve sent it to you, it was issued in 2007. The funny thing is, the people who wrote this peer-reviewed paper seem angry that, not only was it disclosed that coronavirus was made to be this transmission device, this carrier of frequencies, the installation of frequencies, but they’re angry that somebody hijacked it during the course of the Plandemic and that it was used to track people and that caused injury and I think they didn’t expect for people to come to understand that that EMF radiation could cause, effectively, every malady known to humanity and they actually list them out.

“So yes, in the patent that you just showed, issued in May 2007, it shows that the coronavirus was actually a patented device. It’s an agent under the law, as they call it and this is exactly how and why it was designed for the purpose that they disclosed in that other peer-reviewed paper, where they are angry people figured out that this was used to track people!

“So, the funny part in all of this is that the Forbes people, among others, who said you couldn’t be genetically modified, it’s crazy [to say] that our government would inject people with something…for nefarious purposes – and yet, here we are! They laid it all out in front of us and a peer-reviewed paper that spells it all out!

“So, this explains why, for example, people were showing up with 16-digit MAC addresses. You got the shots included, there’s your hardware installation, right there – and it turns out the virus, itself has these abilities to create a tracking, track-and-trace mechanism and of course, we saw the patent on that.

“The most important part of all this is for people to understand you can’t patent something that God created, so if coronavirus was natural, it couldn’t be patented. That means that it was manmade. It means that this was a plan. This is something our governments did with malintent in mind…

“Right now, there is a push inside the United States and other countries to adopt something called the One Health System and what it relates to is the combination of veterinarian science with public health for humans insomuch as these same perpetrators of this genocide – or democide as this case may be – made these diseases zoonotic, meaning they could skip between animals and humans and now, what they’re saying is that the One Health, the public health must incorporate the analysis of animals that may have tuberculosis or coronavirus or whatever – Lo! And behold! – cows are showing up with tuberculosis and coronavirus and I guess that means we better kill them.

“And that’s exactly what happened some months ago, Maria. There were more than a billion chickens that were killed. Why? Because of this one health initiative that said, ‘Boy, that chicken virus could spread to humans. We better kill the chickens!’

“Well, isn’t that convenient, if you’re trying to starve people to death? It’s a great excuse, that zoonotic disease might be something that they have to attack globally and that’s why it’s a global One Health security and I will have you understand that the war on terror is over. We couldn’t identify what a terrorist looked like or acted like or anything else but we sure went to war for ’em. 20 years and God knows how many people died in that. Now, it’s a war on viruses. Nobody knows what a virus looks like or even if they do exist – and yet, we’re in the middle of a war on viruses through the global One Health security, which is referenced in this document. It is the predicate, it is the basis, the excuse they will use to kill us all.”

Looking at the last sentence of the abstract, above, it refers to “Sensor Health Policy and Sustainable Development Goals 2030.” Maria asks Todd, “When it’s saying ‘Sensor Health Policy’, is that talking about the human being the sensor?”

Todd replies, “Yes, precisely. It’s talking about tracking and tracing humans through the coronavirus. That’s exactly what this paper’s about and in so doing, apparently, if people are tracked and traced too much, it causes a myriad of health problems, maladies in people – and they list them out later in this document; things that can happen to people. And as they list those out, sure enough, all of the same symptomology of not just COVID but any variety of diseases, including cancers and things of that nature.

“Why? Because this is all based on EMF radiation. Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation but that’s why we have this 5G network. It ties in with everything, Maria.

“Here, we have the coronavirus as, effectively as a hardware installation and then we have the injections coming as a software installation, after but neither was mutually exclusive and people who didn’t get the shots still got sick, seemingly, EMF radiation. So, this is the testimony of Dr Lee Vliet and Dr Peter Chambers, who actually state that it’s a possibility that EMF radiation, alone would have caused these same diseases but you can’t tell what the causation is.

“However, we look at the Pfizer 6-month post-marketing study, that published as a result of the order of a court under a Freedom of Information Act request and therein, in Appendix 1, you can find 1,291 serious adverse events of special interest. Why are they special interest? Because nobody had ever heard of these things before. When our expert witnesses, military doctors, trained at Fort Detrick – this is the home of chemical, biological, nuclear warfare is, they study this – the testimony is that it would take years to prepare all of the tests in advance for these crazy diseases that nobody ever heard of for 1,291 of them to show up.

“That means that this was the testing of a weapons platform. The injection were a weapon, a biological weapon and the military was testing for them so, I don’t think we have to actually wonder whether or not that happened. People did get the shots, people got sick from the shots. What we do know, however is that the EMF radiation is related to that and we also know that it, by itself could cause the same or similar maladies.”

Maria agrees and reads from the peer-reviewed paper:

Medical sensor technology is essential in every step of healthcare. Wireless Sensor Network is an integrated infrastructure comprising sensing, computing, detecting, tracking, observing and reacting the individuals within geographic positioning systems (GPS) locations [14].

Maria says this reminds her of when Karen Kingston told her that all of the COVID injection patents approved by the WHO involve track and trace capability and people were able to be assigned a social credit score based on their activities from the injections.

Todd concurs and says that one of the things his team found that goes with that was the involvement of IBM and Cisco and how the pathogens in the shots were also identified individually, saying, “You might remember when the whole thing rolled out in Operation Warp Speed and they said, ‘This is the best way. We’re going to track each and every shot with technology never seen before. Well, that’s it. You’re looking at the technology never seen before.

“It’s down to the size of pathogen’s size, now, they’re able to track with IBM and Cisco Systems and that’s who should be held responsible.”