This is The Moment, We All Have Been Waiting For ~ Channeling & Gnostic Guidance

This is The Moment, We All Have Been Waiting For.


The New Earth of Light, Channeling & Gnostic Guidance.


Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,


Every day just keeps getting Brighter and Brighter, with the Loving Light Energies Coming from Our Infinite Creator, The Christos who is also here in these moments, and our Dear Mother Gaia Sophia. The Trinity is now Complete since The Earth has awakened. The Last Minute Pushes from the Darkness will be forced to stop due to the major push-back from the awakening ones. They are only the 1% and will have to comply with the rest of us, the 99%. This has always been their fear, for humanity to wake up and say No More Control. The beautiful Light that the Trinity is projecting is Waking More and More to the Lies, and the deceptions of the 3D Control system. The more that the dark push mandates, and force repeated shots, they are only waking more and more up to their Game. Plus with the disclosure of the Long term Damage that it causes, will begin to scare a lot of those who have gotten the shot. This sudden awakening will cause another wave of Light to explode across this planet. Sometimes it takes a shaking, to wake someone up.


The Mother Earth Gaia Sophia is also, now actively controlling all elements, and stopping any weather manipulation that the dark may throw at us. However, she is doing a major amount of Clearing. This has to take place, due to the long time manipulation of her, and she is removing all darkness within and without her body. She is already at the 4th dimensional level in vibration. So we will be moving much faster now through the veil. Our Cognitive skills are increasing, causing More dreams, and even full-on Precognitive abilities, Telepathy, or other Super Natural Gifts of the Light. This is the Natural Organic evolution of our Consciousness taking place. The Dark ones can not achieve this higher state of Consciousness. Their Evolution takes them into an inorganic Reality, based through AI, and Lower in vibration but on the Polar of The Light. They move farther away from the Infinite Light, as we move closer. You see this in those who have chosen the Dark Path of service to self. They are very selfish people, and can only think of themselves. They are always Users or controlling Narcissists and Fear that everyone is out to get them and They can Trust No one. They become savage and ruthless people, walking all over everyone they meet. This is a Dark personality that has chosen The Path of Self. Those of us who have chosen the path of Light, Are in service to others and this Planet. Our main focus is always on how we can help someone else, or are constantly finding a way to share our Love.


When you care and give to those less fortunate than you, There is no room to have Fear of them. When you come from the Heart, Others begin to as well.


The simple truth is the Rich are the 1% and the poor are the 98%. Those in between, live off the scraps of the wealthy. If you are ruthless, vengeful, greedy, and dark enough you can be in that 1%. They will be the Top in their Class of Darkness this Graduation.


However, Those who feed on the tails of those rich will also be heading into deeper darkness. They have chosen The Material World over a Spiritual One. WE, who Chose to be of Love, Compassion, Gratitude, and Forgiveness will be At the Top of the Class of Light and the Fore Runners in this Ascension. We are Becoming Brighter and more brilliant every day. These are the Final Moments we have been anticipating for so long.


We must rise to the occasion, and become the Love we are meant to be.


And so it is, and it is so.


In so much Love and light,


Chellea, Mystic, and Channel of the Aeon Sophia, Through Divine Light. The New Earth of Light, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @