A Century of Climate Claptrap

If you thought the climate crisis cultists were a modern phenomenon, think again. Below are old headlines, starting a century ago. As you can see, it is the same hysterical nonsense we are witnessing today.

‘North Pole Melting, Many Glaciers Vanished’

–          Daily Mercury 7.4.1923

‘Will melting icebergs engulf the world.’

–          Sunday Journal and Star, 13.4.1931

‘Hottest Summer in 4000 years’

–          New York Times 2.7.1934

‘World heating up. Ice dissolving at the poles. Sea will rise 40ft.’

–          Cairns Post, 3.2.1934

Greenland’s glaciers melting, says scientist.’

–          Harrisburg Sunday courier, 17.12. 1940

‘Ice in Arctic melting rapidly.’

–          Hartford Courant Magazine, 13.10.1940

‘Glaciers icebergs melt as the world get warmer.’

–          The Herald Saturday magazine, 29.9.1951.’

However, something very strange happened approaching the 1970s. Obviously, the climate crackpots must have realised they were reading their climate graphs upside down and began telling us that, instead of boiling alive we were all going to freeze to death. Instead of being no more ice caps, everywhere would be an ice cap. Now, the Ice Age was upon us.

 ‘The earths cooling climate.’

–          Science News, 15.11.1969

 ‘Colder winters herald dawn of new Ice Age.’

–           Washington Post, 11.1.1970

‘The Earth is cooling. Return to Ice Age is feared.’

–          Iowa City Press, 14.4.1973

‘Space satellites show new Ice Age coming fast.’

–          Guardian, 29.1.1974

 ‘Another Ice Age?’

–          Time magazine, 24.6.1974

‘The Ice Age cometh.’

–          Radio Times 16.11.1974

‘The cooling world.’

–          Newsweek 28.4.1975

‘Ice Age coming? Chilling thought for humanity.’

–          Chicago tribune, 2.6.1975

‘In the grip of a new Ice Age?’

–          International Wildlife, July-Aug 1975

‘A major cooling now considered inevitable.’

–          New York Times, 14.9.1975

‘New Ice Age may soon grip cooling Earth.’

–          Sunday Dispatch 9.3.1980


I grew up in Northern Ireland in the 1970s and I don’t recall my street being buried under a vast ice sheet or being woken up in the morning by the sound of polar bears cavorting in my back yard.

The climate scientists in the 1970s precited the world would soon look like this.

The climate scientists today predict the world will soon look like this.

Interestingly, a lot of the problems they are now blaming on global warming, they were once blaming on global cooling –

‘If the cooling trend of the 1960s and 1970s is maintained, as most climatologists expect, we shall see more bad harvests, more crop failures, more hunger and probably more famine.’

–          Calgary Herald, 10.5.1979

‘Scientist now blame recurring droughts and floods on a global cooling trend that could trigger massive tragedies for mankind.’

–          Chicago tribune 25.11.1981.

More flooding caused by global cooling – 1979

More flooding cause by global warming – 2024

So, CO2 was innocent after all. He was framed in a terrible miscarriage of justice. Global boiling. Global freezing. It’s all just globalist nonsense.

The above is evidence that the climate crisis charlatans have been peddling their doom-laden propaganda for at least a century. The only difference is that our ancestors didn’t have their brains battered  by the constant barrage of climate propaganda at school, then boiled by the constant fiery wrath of sanctimonious academics and environmental extremists before being marinated in a potent sauce of fear by the mainstream media. They still had the ability to think for themselves and anyone that has the intellectual capacity above that of a halibut can clearly see the climate scam is a whole heap of hogwash and a cornucopia of codswallop.

A climate cult member

The climate alarmists are nothing more than a modern manifestation of the millennia-old religious cults that endlessly prophesied the end of the world and, were obviously consistently and unequivocally wrong -over and over again.  

Instead of walking around with a sandwich board bleating that ‘the end is nigh,’ they simply prostrate themselves on roads and pavements up and down the land or hurl paint at works of art. The two sides of the sandwich board have been jettisoned and replaced by the multiple sheets of printed piffle that passes for newspapers. Instead of, ‘the end is nigh’, it’s ‘the end will be next year or in ten year’s time’, the date selected for the earth’s demise conjured up by carefully calculating the average rainfall in Timbuktu, multiplied by the length of yak’s coat in winter, divided by the square root of the number of Emperor penguins that were seen standing on one leg one Sunday afternoon in June.  

A Yak. The length of its coat is used by climate scientists in their equations to calculate rises in global temperatures.

The end of the world date will, of course, inevitably pass without even the hint of a fiery global cataclysm and so the climate cultists, like every respectable cult before them, will just set a new date and the old one will be erased from history by the media’s Ministry of Truth.

The climate alarmists even call themselves climate scientists. Yet what sort of scientists are they? Climate ‘science’ is based on computer modelling. The very same computer modelling that told us half the global population would be wiped out with a ‘virus’ that was no worse than a cold is now telling us we all be wiped out in a global fireball when there is a slightly hot day in the Peruvian Altiplano.

Using computer modelling to predict climate change is akin to counting the warts on a toad to ascertain the best time to start the harvest or noting the position and orientation of the leaves at the bottom of a cup of Darjeeling and using that data to predict who will win the Grand National.

A climate scientist at work

Another climate scientist at work.

The climate ‘scientists’ are nothing more than climate cultists.

A scientist makes a prediction, based on evidence, not ideology. If that prediction proves incorrect, they adjust their theory. If that theory still doesn’t work, they abandon the idea altogether.

Whereas a climate cultist makes a prediction based on no evidence but only on ideology. When that prediction doesn’t work, they adjust the evidence and when it still doesn’t work they abandon science and the evidence altogether and simply cancel anyone that disagrees with them.

In the old days the heretics, those that denied the existence of God, were burned at the stake. Now, the modern heretics, those that deny anthropogenic climate change, just have their careers and reputations burned.

So, next time there is a storm or a heatwave or a blizzard it’s not the imminent demise of all mankind due to a climate-induced apocalypse. We are not all going to be boiled alive or drowned in a Biblical flood. It is not the end of the world. It is just…..weather.

This is either an image depicting the end of the world due to global warming or the start of a glorious summer’s day depending on whether or not you are member of the climate cult. ROLL ON SUMMER.

*‘A lot of the newspaper headlines above have been collated by David Craig in his book, ‘There is no climate crisis.’

I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who still believes that a gas that is essential to life and makes up only 0.04% of our atmosphere is going to cause a world-ending climate catastrophe or anyone that believes a slightly hot day in summer is a sign that the world is about to explode in an apocalyptic conflagration. After reading this book, all those silly thoughts will be expunged from your mind forever and you can merrily go about your day without thinking  that in the midst of sipping your  ethically-sourced coffee, you will suddenly be swept away by a tidal wave caused by the melting of the polar ice caps and so you had better buy yourself a submarine next time you go shopping.