JFK to 911 – Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick – Part 2

Familiarity with the Illuminati and Deep state is assumed. Francis covers a LOT of territory in this 3-1/2 hour video – you may want to do this in segments, in a group, and/or with your notepad handy. A LOT of dots are connected and as you will discover the connections are intricate, deep, and surprising.

Good to know: THREE world wars were planned by the Deep State in the 1880’s, with the first 2 fulfilling their plans AS EXPECTED. The third is what they are trying to initiate NOW. All this is verifiable with research of reliable resources, ORIGINAL SOURCE DOCUMENTS. That means no one authored and shared their thoughts other than they themselves, OSDs rarely refer to other documents, and almost always reference the traits of good character. If someone is referencing other sources and/or people most likely you are not reading an OSD.

If you believe you are woke, this will woke you even more.