Dialectics – Predetermined Outcomes

Grounded in philosophy true dialectical discourse dates back to Plato and uses a process of analytical debate to discern truth. However, modern dialectics is based on Marx’ construct that removes the human or spiritual element replacing it with materialism thus rendering dialectical discourse ridged and artificial (dialectical materialism). The fundamental difference is that the Caucasian uses as a starting point analysis/knowledge because the goal is truth. The Jew on the other hand will only posit construct/prediction as it desires the outcome to be his to control. Thus dialectics becomes a formula for generating predetermined outcomes. Reduced to its simplest form dialectics could be summed up as problem, reaction, solution. Applying a dialectical strategy is accomplished through a process of tension and resolution. Here a construct is employed as the strategy to create the problem or crisis thus fermenting a reaction (tension). Then the problem is controlled by presenting a solution (resolution). In this way the Jew achieves its desired outcome. Indeed this form of dialectics (dialectical materialism) is the Jewish general state of mind also known as ‘chutzpah’. In fact dialectical strategy is basically the materialisation of chutzpah or chutzpah in action.

A prime example of this dialectical strategy (aka chutzpah) in play is the so called immigration problem. Here it matters not what the party label is but always one will engender the notion of immigration while the other will take a ‘hard line’ applying the necessary tension. The public are encouraged to take sides as if these are the only options yet the resolution will still be mass immigration into Europe destroying the native demographic of our ancestral land. Stealthily managing both sides of this closed system ensures the establishment and their outcome while concealing the real issue. It is as if the immigrant spontaneously began creeping across European borders and now we must deal with it. Indeed discounted is the fact that it was the global Jewish agenda who deliberately removed those borders without native public consent. Also an aspect of immigration and blamed on ‘Islamic terrorism’ at the most dramatic level is the false flag ‘terror attack’ in which the Jew exposes his Middle Eastern enemy to his European nemesis. Occupying European Governments the Jew can tighten security to the extreme; disarm the European natives, occupying enemy land in the Middle East all in the name of ‘security’. Nevertheless displaced Muslims are deliberately imported into Europe, a conscious effort on the part of the Jew to manufacture war and destroy both his enemies at once. Hence the dialectic method manipulates the mass into a frenzied circular pattern of thought and action.

There are further examples-the democratic multi-party state with a vote and choice but that only leads to cultural Marxism (political correctness). Thus no matter who the players are whether Putin in Russia, Trump, Obama and Hilary Clinton in America or Labour,

Conservatives, UKIP they are puppets fighting artificial battles with outcomes predetermined in the Jewish favour. Indeed the Jew holds all the


cards so from the heights of power to the lowest contest all is a contrived construct. Lenin had understood this. Blind to this Jewish dialectic the outcome of any of his opponent’s analysis were rendered futile. Consequently, to seek the truth one must step outside the dialectic in order to see the enemy at work.

Dialectics – Predetermined Outcomes