Catherine Austin Fitts | 2nd Full Interview | Planet Lockdown

This excellent interview with Catherine Austin Fitts was the second one conducted as a part of the full-length documentary, Planet Lockdown.

In this second interview, Catherine explains how the central bankers are using governments around the world to implement a digital currency system that will signal what she calls the “end of currencies” and the implementation of global human slavery.

For many decades, the dollar has been the reserve currency and the central bankers are trying to bring in a new system but it’s not ready to go yet. So we’re in a period of great change and uncertainty, where the central bankers are trying to keep the dollar system going while also trying to accelerate the new system. The challenge they have is marketing a system that, if people understood it, nobody would want it and the way they’re doing that is with a healthcare crisis.

“Particularly in the United States, there’s a very negative downward spiral between the leadership and the general population and there’s a lot of anger between them. And this is all part of proving that people are stupid and therefore, don’t deserve to be part of a democratic process.”

The 0.001% need us to build the prison system. Catherine’s advice to everyone is, “Stop helping them…If you look at who’s building the train tracks of control, we’re the ones who are doing it. Stop helping them.”