Arnica: this powerful herb promotes various kinds of healing

Arnica: this powerful herb promotes various kinds of healing Story at-a-glance   Arnica is one of the most popular homeopathic remedies for pain management Arnica supplement is available in tablet and pill forms, which contain very little amounts of arnica extract. It typically doesn’t cause any side effects since it’s highly diluted However, you should …[continue reading]

Scientists and psychiatrists are embracing psychedelic drugs as “game-changers” in the fight to treat depression.

Psychedelic drugs are finally being used to treat depression in US hospitals Scientists and psychiatrists are embracing psychedelic drugs as “game-changers” in the fight to treat depression.   As the country increasingly sheds its prohibitionist stereotypes and misconceptions about psychedelic drugs, scientists and psychiatrists are increasingly embracing their potent qualities as “game-changers” in the fight …[continue reading]


Widespread and systematic destruction of our ecosystems; exploitation of the Earth’s resources; factory farming of animals; unashamed bigotry – these are the hallmarks of the modern human race. Part of the problem is our materialistic view of the world that not only denies the inherent life and spirit in other beings, but also gives us the illusion …[continue reading]

Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed: “Children Who Are Unvaccinated Are Extremely Healthy”

Dr. Andrew Wakefield discusses the health outcomes of vaccinated children vs unvaccinated children based on a peer reviewed study of homeschooled children, parent observations, his clinical observations and the CDC’s data that was deliberately hidden from the public. His conclusion is that unvaccinated children are far healthier than vaccinated children, unvaccinated children do not pose …[continue reading]

Vocal Prints Show Truth From Fantasy w/ Sharry Edwards

Sharry Edwards rejoins the show to share her amazing work with BioAcoustics. This episode she explains how her vocal profiles can read a person’s vocal print and determine many things about that person including sincerity, lies, physical health, and many other things. She analyzes the 4 congress members known as the “Squad”: Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez …[continue reading]

MEDICINE WHEEL: The Miraculous Healing Combination of Lemon and Baking Soda

20 laboratory tests conducted since 1970 until now proved that: Lemon destroys carcinogenic cells in 12 types of cancers. Lemon prevents the spread of carcinogenic cells and has 10,000 times stronger effect of drugs like Adriamycin, chemotherapyand narcotic products”: EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):

Whitewash The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science

It’s the pesticide on our dinner plates, a chemical so pervasive it’s in the air we breathe, our water, our soil, and even found increasingly in our own bodies. Known as Monsanto’s Roundup by consumers, and as glyphosate by scientists, the world’s most popular weed killer is used everywhere from backyard gardens to golf courses …[continue reading]