Federal Government Offering Bribes to Medical Doctors to Give More Experimental COVID Injections – Offering Double Payment for COVID Shots

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

A Texas medical doctor has alerted Health Impact News that the federal government, through its Medicare/Medicaid program, is now offering Texas doctors DOUBLE the normal reimbursement per vaccine for every experimental COVID shot they give to their patients.

The shots are “free” to the patients.


The pharmaceutical vaccine industry is the most lucrative business in the history of the world. They have legal immunity if their vaccines cause any harm, they are given $BILLIONS to develop the vaccine by the U.S. Government, then the U.S. Government buys the vaccines from the pharmaceutical industry so that recipients usually do not have to pay for them, and then the Government pays doctors and others to administer the vaccines.

If they want to increase their market and distribute more vaccines, they just make them mandatory for services such as public education.

And if they get their way and implement a new COVID Vaccine Passport, they will be mandated for many other activities in society, such as air travel, entrance to places of business, etc.