THE ANTIDOTE w/ Dr. Mikovits | Jason Shurka

Just the other day, I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Judy Mikovits for “The Academy of Divine Knowledge” and she went DEEP. Have you ever heard of “suramin”? Well… if you haven’t, look it up. And when you do, I suggest reading the link titled “Suramin & Autism” published by the University of California San Diego. Did you know that it’s ILLEGAL to use “suramin” for any therapeutic purposes in the United States? Hmm… I wonder why?!?! Throughout this interview, Dr. Mikovits shares insights regarding different antidotes that can be used to treat the ill-effects of the “you know what”. She also speaks about the misuse of “suramin” in the past (in regards to improper dosage) along with steps that can be taken to END this plague of corruption once and for all!

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