Hydroxychloroquine, COVID, FDA; and Pharma … and all its whores around the world

“We are talking about private contracts outside the scope of government. We’re talking about local barter, and the issuing of local currencies, the building of private money systems. During the Great Depression, many citizens looked around and said, ‘We still have land and food, we still have commodities. Nothing has changed here. We just have …[continue reading]

Lively lupins

Peter White describes this hard working green manure crop. Agricultural lupins are a multi purpose annual plant of the pea family related to the ornamental flowers. Lupins (often spelt lupine in the USA) are probably of Egyptian or East Mediterranean origin, and have been cultivated since the days of the ancient Egyptians. There are various …[continue reading]

Andrew Wakefield Releases “1986: The Act” Film all About Big Pharma’s Immunity from Vaccine Liability

The much-anticipated 1986: The Act film by Andrew Wakefield has finally been released, revealing the truth about the infamous 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) and its detrimental impact on the lives of innocent children. Now available for online streaming as of July 8, the film is described as a “forensic examination” of the NCVIA, which for …[continue reading]

Natural probiotic? Blueberry and persimmon powders beneficial for gut microbiota

Feeding the world’s growing population in a sustainable way is no easy task. That’s why scientists are exploring options for transforming fruit and vegetable byproducts — such as peels or pulp discarded during processing — into nutritious food ingredients and supplements. Now, researchers reporting in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry have shown that …[continue reading]

How Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg sees the current Corona pandemic

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is the first specialist we met to understand the current crisis about the coronavirus. Please support us so that we can investigate further in making a 90min cinema documentary: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/co… We will meet multiple personalities with different points of view and we will do extensive fact-based research. During our path to the …[continue reading]

Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho recommends a glass of raw potato juice to resolve most health issues

  01/11Try this juice Potatoes are one of the most loved and widely consumed vegetables worldwide. They are loved for their versatility and are a staple food crop in many cultures. You can boil, bake, steam, roast, microwave or fry them. But due to high carbohydrate content, the mighty potatoes do not enjoy a good …[continue reading]

Intermittent Fasting 101: A Guide to its Health Benefits & Risks

Summary Intermittent fasting is the latest wellness trend, weight loss fad, or aggressive biohack, depending on who’s talking about it. Celebrities, elite athletes, and medical researchers have made it a household term, but there’s still plenty of confusion about what it means. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of intermittent fasting, what the studies …[continue reading]

Epsom Salt in Organic Gardening

Epsom Salt, also known as “Magnesium Sulfate,” is widely known for its many health benefits. Epsom Salt is often used as a saline laxative, pain reliever, and natural muscle relaxer. However, there are many other beneficial uses for Epsom Salt that many people may be unaware of. For example, Epsom Salt is very beneficial when …[continue reading]

Researched Benefits Of Colloidal Silver

Silver has shown the ability to wipe out common throat ailments such strep. Ten drops of silver in the ear can aid in wiping out ear infections. Quality colloidal silver soothes and wipes out eye infections (conjunctivitis, stys). Colloidal silver has been shown to treat rhinosinitus in sheep, suggesting it can clears sinus and upper respiratory infections. Silver ions …[continue reading]