Civil Liberties & Human Rights Issues Surrounding the COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates

  For many decades it has been illegal and unethical to mandate or coerce any medical treatment. Virtually all countries, NGOs, organizations, policy leaders, and physicians adhere to this principle, including the USA, the European Union, United Nations and the World Health Organization see link below EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):


We recommend that the following 3 videos be watched in the order that they appear. The first video explains that the Covid test is not valid. The second video describes the profound ramifications of the proposed Covid injection. The third video provides a legal remedy for the crimes against humanity caused by the fabricated Covid …[continue reading]

VAX: a warp-speed rush to armageddon…

COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease. pdf Classen Immunotherapies, Inc.  J Bart Classen, MD. – Jan 2021.  Abstract: Development of new vaccine technology has been plagued with problems in the past. The current RNA based SARSCoV-2 ‘vaccines’ were ‘approved’ in the US using an ‘Emergency Order’ without extensive long term safety …[continue reading]

China’s Chief Epidemiologist Admits COVID-19 was Never Proven to Exist

Andrew Kaufman, MD, interviewed by Del Bigtree, delivers an excellent short course on the risks of Covid tests and vaccines. The Interview is preceded by a short clip from an NBC report on 2021 January 23 in which China’s Chief epidemiologist, Dr. Wu Zunyou, says: “They didn’t isolate the virus, and that is the problem.” …[continue reading]

Knowledge. Is. Power. Banned on Instagram Watch Here

Below is a link to the video that got Robert Kennedy, Jr booted from Instagram. More than 43,000 people signed up to watch the webinar in a matter of days. Please share far and wide. Knowledge is power. I learned that on Schoolhouse Rock in 1974. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):

COVID-19 Pt. 5: Psychologists, Scientists and The CIA Tell Us Fear is The Real Killer

  There are two different worlds of fear right now: those who fear the virus and those who fear the future control of mankind being propelled under the guise of the virus. Through this, they have created a division – those who want others to fear the virus as much as them and become recluses, …[continue reading]