Mike Stone: On the Excuses Virologists Give for Not Being Able to Scientifically Prove the Existence of Viruses

Mike Stone: On the Excuses Virologists Give for Not Being Able to Scientifically Prove the Existence of Viruses “With hundreds of billions of “viruses” at peak infection, there is absolutely no reason that virologists should not be able to purify and isolate the assumed “viral” particles directly from the fluids of a sick human or …[continue reading]


by James Roguski The World Health Organization is attempting a GLOBAL POWER GRAB by seeking to have the 194 member nations of the World Health Assembly adopt amendments to the International Health Regulations as well as adopt a completely new international agreement commonly referred to as the proposed “Pandemic Treaty.”. The proposed amendments would make the …[continue reading]

Drs. Tom Cowan, Mark & Samantha Bailey, Andrew Kaufman: Why Are We Doing This?

“It is also clear that the dramatic events of the past three years, events that have devastated the lives of many people all over the world, are based on this very misconception that so-called pathogenic viruses exist. This misconception has been around for a very long time, and it has led to damaging public health …[continue reading]

La Quinta Columna: The Game is Over — Putting It All Under the Microscope: The Transhumanist Agenda, ‘Covid-19’, Graphene Oxide & The Human Brain Project, WiFi Radiation… & the Hidden, Historical Manipulation of Humanity

  “And they seem to like, above all, children. The infants. Those who have no speech and no way, therefore, to defend themselves. Those whom they used to sacrifice because ‘God’ wanted. Sending them, also, to the front lines of battle… “Looking under the microscope, there have never been wars. They have been sacrificial rituals.” …[continue reading]

The Power of Dandelions

Dandelion is one of the most altruistic plants and is much needed by all of us. See below how to use Dandelion. If you would like to know more about working with Dandelion consider the Introduction to Herbal Medicine course – details are here – https://www.danusirishherbgarden.com/… If you are interested in becoming empowered with regards …[continue reading]

Food supply 101: the best beans for long-term storage

Preppers know that beans are a must-have for your survival stockpile because they are affordable, versatile and filling ingredients. But did you know that certain kinds of beans have a longer shelf life compared to others? (h/t to PrimalSurvivor.net) Beans, a survival stockpile staple White beans, such as butter beans and navy beans, are the best for long-term …[continue reading]

American Farmers to Begin Injecting Livestock with mRNA Shots this Month

The latest video by Greg Reese. *** TRANSCRIPT The genetic editing of plants to contain vaccines is well underway. Work is being done with bananas, potatoes, lettuce, rice, wheat, soybeans and corn. Companies like Medicago are using gene editing to turn plants into mini bioreactors. Gene editing is now officially in our meat industry. Lobbyists …[continue reading]

Dawn Lester: On Ticks, Germs, Viruses, Pathogens and the Fear of Things We Don’t Understand

“It is abundantly clear that the incessant reporting about so-called ‘pathogens’ that can ‘infect’ us, continues to promulgate the idea that ‘viruses’ are not only real, but they are also pathogenic and therefore pose a risk to our health. This serves to keep many people confused and fearful – which is of course part of …[continue reading]

What’s the best way to treat menopause

 Fact checked by Nick Blackmer For people going through menopause, symptoms like hot flashes and insomnia can be debilitating. While hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is one of the most direct treatments available right now, it’s not for everyone. Sarah, a 59-year-old woman living in Concord, Massachusetts who asked to remain anonymous, said insomnia kept her up at night …[continue reading]