576- Do It Yourself, or Pay the Price of Agenda Services (Free)

The cost of many everyday social systems and services is no longer just about money. This is due to the growing application of social engineering agendas. These social agendas have been persistent in entertainment, music and TV, but have now crossed over to nearly all modern products and services offered by major corporations. With this in mind it should be apparent that self-sufficiency reduces your exposure and interactions with social engineering agendas. Up to now most social engineering efforts were tied to offers. This meant that not accepting any given offer relieved you from some of the social engineering tied to those services or products. And while this is still true to some degree there are many modern products that have engineering agendas built into them, whether you like it or not. Cell phones and cars are good examples of this truth. Another good example is supermarkets. When you enter a supermarket to buy food, you have basically agreed to take part in a marketplace that provides food with little concern for the health and well-being of its customers. This example has gotten much worse in the modern era. Go ahead and try to find so-called food in a supermarket that is not loaded with chemicals, processed sugar and salt (among many other terrible things), which are known health hazards being intentionally added to products meant for human consumption. As for cars, many laws have passed recently requiring that kill switches are standard in the new vehicles we pay for. Do you want a kill switch in the car you paid for? Will you get used to it after kill switches are ubiquitous? While we can learn to grow our own food, it is doubtful any of us will be building our own cars anytime soon. A big part of working toward being self-sufficient is a mindset that draws a line between what is acceptable, and what is not. Unfortunately, it seems that very few of us are drawing the acceptability line these days. Instead, many are opting into whatever agenda is being pushed, for the sake of possessing “stuff”. This prevalent attitude is, in fact, a product of social engineering. This episode is about learning how to become more self-sufficient in order to provide for yourself, which reduces dependence on others who may have unhelpful agendas built into their offers, services and products.