Currency Carnage – Gold/Silver Market Update with Mike Maloney

Mike Maloney has never been one to hold back when it comes to the madness of ‘floating’ fiat currencies. In this update you’ll see that rather than floating, they are all in ‘free-fall’ when measured against true money, gold and silver. As a bonus, check out Mike’s tie fashion from 2005, find out what data …[continue reading]

Bank of England releases Central Bank Digital Currency research roadmap

Today the Bank of England published a discussion paper: “Central Bank Digital Currency: opportunities, challenges and design”. It also plans to run a webinar in early April. The paper starts by outlining one of the drivers behind a consumer-focused Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) – the declining use of cash. In 2006, 63% of payments …[continue reading]

Ilien Wallet Coin setup. step by step instructions

                                                                                                                        Agama Wallet set up. Download Verus-Enhanced Agama  zip file (current version v0.6.1) suitable to your system (windows/mac) using this link After downloading right click on zip file & click “Extract files” This will create a folder “Agama-Windowns-v0.6.1” or “Agama-Mac-v0.6.1”) Open this folder & the subfolder Right-click on the Agama application (4th item …[continue reading]

New ‘Simpsons’ Episode Explains Cryptocurrency to the Masses

A new episode of “The Simpsons” dug into the cryptocurrency world, breaking the subject down in a way anyone can understand in under two minutes. The episode, titled “Frinkcoin,” was listed on Fox on February 24, and features “The Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parson talking about the cryptocurrency world, calling it the “really cool subject of distributed …[continue reading]