No Deed – No Possession Claim (Pt 3)

In Part Two of this series on how International Globalist World Banking interests have purloined your Deed of Mortgage and are holding the valuable security in one of a number of Depository Trust vaults, I explained how, under Common and Constiutional Law, any possession claim made by your fake lender against your home is fraudulent.

In Part 4,  I will posit exactly what the remedy is. Having documented the complicity of His Majesty’s Courts in the world-wide swindle, the keen reader will not be surprised to read that it is a powerful extra-judicial equitable remedy. In other words, it hits the lying lawyers and their masters hard and there is nothing they can do about it.

Before I come on to that, let’s dig deeper into the facts of the dematerialised mortgage deed, using the insights of David Roger Webb’s book, “The Great Taking” and the documentary “All the Plenary’s Men”, both of which explain how a coterie of elite financiers, heavily controlled by the House of Rothschild have claimed immunity from prosecution for their crimes.

To re-emphasise the point: the void mortgage deed you were tricked into autographing is no longer in the possession of the phony lender. It has been bundled up and sold on for profit and the physical deed is languishing in some vault of an international clearing house, like the Depository Trust Company or EuroClear.

The Depository Trust Company – DTC – is one of a clutch of similar entities by which the WEF backers claim ownership of any and all securities, debentures, derivatives, all bills of exchange, bonds etc, including your mortgage. They have hoovered up the mortgage deeds in the millions and they are, presumably, holding them in their secure vaults, with the result that the phoney UK lenders, like Nat West Plc, are NOT the Holder(s)-In-Due-Course of the instrument.

That, in and of itself, renders any and all mortgage possession claims a fraud on you and on the court.

These elite financiers effectively want it all, lock, stock and barrel and that is why their henchman, Klaus Schwab constantly pushes the mantra, “You vill own nothing and you vill be happy.”

“Yes, Lord Rothschild, ve vill take it all at ze stroke of a pen. Ze goyim vill be too stupid to vork it out.” “So, all ze paper assets will be held by us and no-one vill know vhere zey have gone? Genius. Let’s get Schwab to twist ze dagger.”

Making It Up As they Go Along

As we know, it is a certain group who deem themselves to be above the law and beyond criticism. They are easily identified for they are the Zionist controllers of the world’s financial structure, the lapdog media, the TV companies, the publishing houses, the film companies, the oil companies, Big Pharma, the governments of the world and, as demonstrated by any and all County Court hearings, the judiciary.  The one ring to control it all.

This ‘Protected Class’ –  and JP Morgan are key players in the setting up of this structure of supposed immunity from prosecution, whereby property rights are separated by this notion of ‘entitlement’. Legal ownership is with the entity that holds the security as collateral: i.e the Holder-in-Due-Course of the Mortgage ‘Note’.

“An imperative has been created that certain secured creditors must be given legally certain claims to client assets, globally, without exception, with the further assurance of near instantaneous cross-border mobility of legal control of such collateral.”


“The ‘Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Certain Rights in Respect of Securities Held with an Intermediary’ was drafted in 2002 and signed in 2006. It is an international multilateral treaty intended to remove, globally, legal uncertainties for cross-border transactions.


“The Convention introduced a newly invented conflict of laws rule to be applied to security transactions, especially collateral transactions, namely the ‘Place of the Relevant Intermediary Approach’ (or PRIMA). This was designed to avoid problematic national law, which might allow owners to recover their assets taken by a creditor as collateral, by setting the place of law in the account agreements with intermediaries.”


“The objective of Legal Certainty for creditors was to be pursued by other means, /where they could not easily change problematic local law in which investors had property rights to securities, they structured around it. This is what lawyers, investment banks, and , apparently, government officials are paid to do.”  David Webb, ‘The Great Taking’.

And, there we have it: the judges who preside at all county court hearings are attempting to crow bar in foreign ‘legislation’ or, what might be termed, global governance at the expense of British Law. A clearer example of treachery would be hard to imagine. In other words, those judges are traitors, just like the current coterie of Parliamentarians.

The excellent documentary, All the Plenary’s Men, details how, in 2012, the then chancellor of the Exchequeur, George Osborne, Adair Turner of the FCA and Mervyn King of the Bank of England, stepped in with a memorandum to exculpate a group of criminals operating under the aegis of HSBC, one of the Too-Big-To-Fail banking conglomerate. The US Department of Justice’s had all the evidence required to prosecute these indviduals. George Osborne wrote a letter to Ben Bernanke, head of the Federal Reserve at the time to claim that the criminals involved were above the law and under the jurisdiction of the elite banking club they belonged to.


George Osborne to Ben Bernanke, claiming that the criminals in HSBC belong to a superior jurisdiction and that grants them immunity from prosecution. “..[it is] for you, and your partners in other departments and agencies, to decide how best to supervise, regulate and enforce compliance within your jurisdiction… And Adair Turner, Mervyn King and I are together committed to ensuring that UK financial institutions are fully compliant with global standards and rules.”

However, and this is the crucial point, Fraud Vitiates All and when you know this the inescapable conclusion is that the whole edifice of this world-wide swindle is underpinned by fraud.


The Mortgage Deed is the security you were duped into granting the fake lender when you were not the owner of the house. And, as has been the case down the centuries, you are lawfully entitled to have it returned when the ‘mortgage’ has been settled.

In effect, all these traitorous judges are falsely stating the opposite.

The bank is not the holder in due course of the note because it’s has been sold on at profit  (securitised) and is literally being held in a vault at one of the clearing houses and photocopies and electronic are acceptable in the world of the traitor and bootlicker. It has sold on all its rights to possession of your home and is merely acting as a collection agent for the investors.

That is why no mortgagee can ever produce it.  All they have is dog-eared photo copies and scanned versions of what, remember, is essentially a worthless piece of paper, fraudulently procured for the bank by a weasel conveyancing solicitor.

Virtual Reality is a Nonsense

It is, of course, utter codswallop – especially when you consider that the deeds themselves are fraudulent and that none of the statutory regulations, like Section 2 of the Law of Property Act, 1989 are not complied with.

In this world of virtual compliance, of Central Bank Digital currencies (CBDC), all is up for grabs. The Dematerialisation of mortgage deeds and other securities is what will also happen to your moneys in the bank, should you do nothing about it.

Even the principles of contract law are subsumed in this AI world of utter fakery:

No contract? That’s fine – the only rights we need to concern ourselves with are those of the investors in the securitisation programmes and our global masters, as fronted by the WEF and its Draconian diktats.

The claims to legal immunity are, of course, as void under Common Sense as they are under British Law.

 As such, it is a chimera – or, less prosaically, the world’s biggest dung heap. The hidden controllers are sitting atop a mountain of fraud and it’s going to collapse underneath them.

Note this list of The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), which “operates two Central Clearing Parties (CCP) and is

“The parent company of various operating subsidiaries, including The Depository Trust Company (DTC), National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC), Fixed Income Clearing Corporation (FICC), DTCC ITP LLC (ITP), DTCC Deriv/SERV LLC; Deriv/SEV), DTCC Solutions LLC (Solutions (US), DTCC Solutions (UK), Business Entity Data B.V. (BED); Collectively, the “Company” or “Companies””

Just to be clear: no-one is immune from these risible attempts at global control. n the event I have any ‘high end’ readers who have investments in securitisation packages, it is important to note that when the inevitable happens and the dung heap collapses,  YOU will lose it all. David Webb makes it plain,

“In the collapse of the clearing subsidiaries of DTCC, it is the secured creditors who take the assets of the entitlement holders. This is where it is going. It is designed to happen suddenly, and on a vast scale.” p41.


It was the public gold that the Federal Reserve stole in 1933, “In this go round it is securities of all kinds, globally, which have been set-up as the collateral backing underpinning the derivatives complex.” p50

This screenshot is from All the Plenary’s Men and illustrates starkly the false protections claimed by the international banksters,

We and only we can put a stop to this.

Part 4 of this series will offer the remedy.

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Further viewing:

“The question at bar is why the U.S. Department of Justice has failed to prosecute any too-big-to-fail banks or—more importantly—their bankers, even for admitted crimes.
It’s a crucial question, because after eight straight years of unremitting prosecutorial failure, it looks very much as if a select group of top banks can, in fact, do no wrong. If that’s the case, then our constitutional republic isn’t merely in trouble. It’s dead.” All the Plenary’s Men