Gold v Digital Fiat & Marxism

  Blog/Gold Posted Feb 2, 2023 by Martin Armstrong   Spread the love       QUESTION: Hi AE…so gov’t “money” (fiat currency) will become just some abstract floating measurement of value, an electronic entry in an electronic account in the cybersphere. As these various so-called gov’ts become less reliable, even between themselves, do you …[continue reading]

Russia and Iran agree to bypass SWIFT financial system

Both countries are banned from the SWIFT financial messaging system due to US and European sanctions. A screen shows VTB bank shares price at the Moscow Exchange office in Moscow on Jan. 10, 2023. – KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images   Al-Monitor Staff Iran and Russia signed a financial messaging agreement on Sunday that would …[continue reading]

Global South: Gold-Backed Currencies to Replace the US Dollar

Let’s start with three interconnected multipolar-driven facts. First: One of the key take aways from the World Economic Forum annual shindig in Davos, Switzerland is when Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed al-Jadaan, on a panel on “Saudi Arabia’s Transformation,” made it clear that Riyadh “will consider trading in currencies other than the US dollar.” So is …[continue reading]

CFPB Orders Wells Fargo to Pay $3.7 Billion for Widespread Mismanagement of Auto Loans, Mortgages, and Deposit Accounts

Company repeatedly misapplied loan payments, wrongfully foreclosed on homes and illegally repossessed vehicles, incorrectly assessed fees and interest, charged surprise overdraft fees, along with other illegal activity affecting over 16 million consumer accounts DEC 20, 2022 WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is ordering Wells Fargo Bank to pay more than $2 …[continue reading]

Suddenly everyone is hunting for alternatives to the US dollar

Some of the world’s biggest economies are exploring ways to circumvent the US dollar. PHOTO: REUTERS Updated 22 Dec 2022, 7:27 pm SGT   Facebook Twitter   SINGAPORE – King Dollar is facing a revolt. Tired of a too-strong and newly weaponised greenback, some of the world’s biggest economies are exploring ways to circumvent the …[continue reading]

The Big Four: Accounting Firms Under Scrutiny

In 2020, Wirecard AG, one of the largest German payment processor and financial services providers, filed for bankruptcy. The media exposed that the company lost €1.9 billion in cash due to fraudulent financial reports and corrupt business practices. Its downfall shone a spotlight on four of the biggest auditing companies in the world, namely KPMG, …[continue reading]

Jesus was killed over Debt money. Michael Hudson on Keiser Report

Economist Michael Hudson describes how Jesus was killed by the Romans over his desires to have debtors debts cancelled. Debt cancellation was opposed by the leading Jewish Rabbis. Jesus spoke about in his early sermons. Jesus went to the Temple unrolled the scroll of Isiah and proclaimed the Jubilee year. The creditor interests took control …[continue reading]