Bloodlines & Bankers: Who is running the show? Part 1, 2 and 3

In this episode, I present the backdrop to the push toward the centralization of “life.” The documents I discuss are linked in this description and if you ever wondered who or what is behind the curtain of public scrutiny, well here they are… Scroll down to the bottom for the document links… Jericho Pack:… Street Gangs in Suits:… CT & The Art of Law: Master Class digital Pack: Nigel Notary website: (Tell him I sent you(OD) for a good deal and help me continue my work) Gumshoe channel:… Craig’s email for trusts: Let him know OD set you. TAP Website: Observation Deck eBooks: Defusing the Debt Bomb: The lien Machine eBook: Law of Liberty eBook: Limbic system Thinking: Patreon Membership: PayPal Donations: Para-Legal Course: Solutions Empowerment: (10% off using “Pegasus”) OD YouTube Store: BTC: bc1q67m3snqdygrrj47mm2x9ttq0mq76v5na3mtkqk Links and documents used in this episode: Mind-space Gov PDF: https://www.instituteforgovernment.or… Grand Jury doc: Bloodlines of the Illuminati: