Directions: Kassam; Henry; Hocroft v Hazzard; Naumenko

Australia needs your help NOW!The plan is simple,Australia is being taken down by lawless politicians and unelected bureaucrats . There is a Supreme court hearing tomorrow and a media blackout. Not many know about this and this is our only hope.We have AFL soliciltors and G and B laywers as well as Senator Craig Kelly …[continue reading]

Eyewitness report from US citizen trapped in Australia

 EYEWITNESS REPORT FROM US CITIZEN TRAPPED IN AUSTRALIA,BEING FORCED TO TAKE THE JAB! Dear Steve, My dear friend’s daughter (an American citizen) is facing abject fascism in Sydney, Australia. She and her husband are unable to leave the country as no flights are entering or departing Australia. The entire country is locked down. They are …[continue reading]

5 Ways to Financial Security While Building Thriving Communities Outside The System

Tyranny seems to be the main entree on the menu these days, but there are so many wonderful appetizers and other dishes to generate the fuel you need to succeed during a time that requires a lot of faith, intention, and determination. Together, we can build a future that provides abundance, financial security, and a …[continue reading]


An interview with Kim Goguen about the state of the planet and various interest groups involved as well as ET races and Intelligences. Global Clearance Level 74, Ground Command, Guardian, founder of United Network News, Global Peace and Restoration Consortium of Member States, Administrator of the Hall of Records, Ambassador to the Universal Council. As …[continue reading]

COVID Medication, Not the Virus, Triggers 250 Percent Death Rare Spurt

In this compelling video a British funeral undertaker speaks to an independent journalist giving first-hand testimony revealing what has really been happening with the dead from care homes and hospitals. Undertaker, John O’Looney talks of the lies and shenanigans spun by corrupt politicians and media to brainwash the public into believing there exists a ‘deadly …[continue reading]

Dick Allgire: Death of Petrodollar – Jean-Claude@BeyondMystic

Dick Allgire was an anchorman, reporter, and producer at KITV, the ABC news affiliate in Honolulu, Hawaii for nearly 40 years, retiring in 2012. He’s been involved with remote viewing since the late 1990s, training extensively for nearly two decades with a retired member of a US Army Special Forces Intelligence Team. Allgire has a transcendent …[continue reading]

COVID Shots, DNA & Transhumanism, With Dr. Madej

In this presentation with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman, Dr. Carrie Madej explains that the elites peddling the COVID shots are also pushing transhumanism… and the two are closely related. Genetic modifications and new technologies are on the verge of changing what it means to be human, and the elites are really pushing the …[continue reading]

The Story of Ivermectin

IVERMECTIN LIST OF ARTICLES FOR NORMIES     Nobel Prize multi use for IVERMECTIN IVERMECTIN for Cov2 IVERMECTIN IVERMECTIN anti viral action IVERMECTIN as Ionophore IVERMECTIN stopping viral replication IVERMECTIN World Use C19 IVERMECTIN Extremely safe IVERMECTIN Works when distributed …[continue reading]

Newsbreak 133|BREAKING: Dr. Young Reveals Graphene, Aluminium, LNP Capsids, Parasite in 4 Vaccines

Absolutely bombshell and major reveals on what is in the vaccines, with use of electron and other kinds of microscopy from original research by Dr. Robert Young and his team, confirming what the La Quinta Columna researchers found—toxic nanometallic content with cytotoxic and genotoxic effects as well as an identified parasite. This is major revelation: …[continue reading]