Paul Levy presents Wetiko in conversation with Andrew Harvey

In its Native American meaning, wetiko is an evil cannibalistic spirit that can take over people’s minds, leading to selfishness, insatiable greed, and consumption as an end in itself, destructively turning our intrinsic creative genius against our own humanity. Revealing the presence of wetiko in our modern world behind every form of destruction our species …[continue reading]

You Tube has removed this : IRELAND – Aisling O’Loughlin & primary school teacher, Barra De Róiste

Aisling O’Loughlin will be speaking to primary school teacher, Barra De Róiste about the on-going difficulties that children are facing in the classroom regarding mask mandates, the action that teachers have initiated in an attempt to halt the vaccine rollout for 5 to 11 year olds. They’ll also be discussing Barra’s involvement in the annual …[continue reading]

How To Break The Spell Of Mass Formation Psychosis | TCM #76 (Part 1)

Laura and Bernhard discuss the bigger manifestations of the mass formation psychosis, how to break the spell, the different levels of the awakening process and soul evolution, the in-fighting in the “truth movement”, how we all are transducers of higher energies [divine & anti-divine forces], the trap of the paranoid/fearful mind, questioning virology and allopathic …[continue reading]

Doctors are being suppressed, censored & attacked for telling the truth

 – Dr. Sam White Interview Joining me today is Dr. Sam White, here to discuss how he has been attacked and censored for speaking out against the COVID-19 restrictions — in particular mask mandates — and exposing how the science simply does not support the stance the government is taking, even as they forced others …[continue reading]

Don’t underestimate how badly the powerful need control of Online Speech

Seems like almost every day now the mass media are blaring about the need for speech on the internet to be controlled or restricted in some way. Today they’re running stories about Joe Rogan and Covid misinformation; tomorrow it will be something else. The reasons for the need to control online speech change from day …[continue reading]

The Power of Eight and The Consciousness Field: How the Infinite Organizing Power of Intention Works

“This is a once-in-a-generation work that will turn the tide in how we unleash the power of healing for each other and for the world. Drink in its meticulous and transparent scientific method, its countless uplifting stories of vivid healing breakthroughs and its breathtakingly luminous vision. Then go manifest The Power of Eight.” EMBED A …[continue reading]

The Book of 528 with Dr. Len Horowitz Part 1 of 4

The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE which presents the Creator’s technology to end all wars and set biology free from petrochemical intoxication and threatened extinction. The “528LOVERevolution is happening now, on time, to remedy the world deadliest urgencies. That’s why musicians and vocalists worldwide are already celebrating this “ecstatic tuning” to LOVE/528. The …[continue reading]