BREAKING NEWS: Banking Collapse! -with Lynette Zang

🗣 In this special breaking news report, Lynette Zang discusses the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the risks of rising interest rates and the interconnectedness of the banking system. With SVB Bank, Silvergate, and Wells Fargo in focus, Lynette delves into the possibility of a contagion. Will this be the straw that breaks the camel’s …[continue reading]

Sound money bills moving forward rapidly in many states

Because there is so much activity happening at the state level with respect to sound money legislation, here is a quick update on some of the most important bills that are currently pending. SALES TAX REMOVAL First and foremost, as to repealing precious metals sales taxes, bills in Mississippi and Kentucky are moving forward quickly. …[continue reading]

Contagious transcendence

Recently, I discovered some amazing evidence about why Power of Eight® groups create a transcendent state.   It all has to do with entrainment. Entrainment is a term in physics which means that two oscillating systems fall into synchrony. It was coined in 1665 by the Dutch mathematician Christiaan Huygens, after discovering that two of …[continue reading]


This video is about the powerful families of industry and banking who shaped the 21st century. The first segment about the Rockefeller’s and the Rockefeller Foundation is taken straight from my book, The Deep State Encyclopedia, which is now available for purchase (Release day March 7th)! Truthstream’s work on Rockefeller:… EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):

No Planes: Special Effects Expert Completely Destroys Official 9/11 Story! Video Composites Revealed

This is an excerpt from the groundbreaking, 4-hour long 2012 documentary, ‘9/11 Great American Psy-Opera’ by Ace Baker, which didn’t get the attention that it deserved, because everybody was more asleep 11 years ago. FILM SYNOPSIS On 11 September 2001, the world witnessed – via television – the two main towers of the World Trade …[continue reading]

Can free energy and native America save humanity now?

Geoengineering: The Greatest Threat To Humanity shows that Dane Wigington is the lead researcher of Geoengineering Watch and the author of Geoengineering a Chronicle of Indictment. He warns about the geoengineers in the video THEY ARE MANUFACTURING EXTINCTION!!, “We are going to hit the wall. We have a very limited time scale left with the …[continue reading]