Judge Dale (retired) – The Great American Adventure Secrets Of America (Part 1 – 5) – 25 May 2012

THE GREAT AMERICAN ADVENTURE SECRETS OF AMERICA [political history, government and law]By: Judge Dale, retired PART 5                           See Recap of this Article:  Recap of Legal Fraud ( other parts in links below article) PREFACE:I didn’t plan on writing a PART 5 but given the global movement in play too collapse the fiat financial dominance historically …[continue reading]

It’s Trump vs WWIII – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post) Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong says we are going to have a wild close to 2024.  Let’s start with Biden’s new job approval rating from Martin Armstrong’s “Socrates” program, which is now only 6% to 7%.  Armstrong explains, “It’s the old story of draining the …[continue reading]

MEP Anderson: COVID “Conspiracy Theories” Have Become Reality

How many people died from the COVID vax? It seems to be a very scary number. “The mRNA [COVID] injections, they may have very well k*lled 17 million people around the world.” MEP Christine Anderson knows the data behind this number. Denis Rancourt and his fellow scientists found that all-cause mortality INCREASED every time the …[continue reading]

Breaking: Law Professor that Wrote 1989 Biological Weapons and Antiterrorism Act Provides Affidavit that COVID 19 mRNA nanoparticle injections are Biological Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Cross-post from Mind Matters and Everything Else with Dr. Joseph Sansone Yes biological and technological weapon – not a vaccine. Please read and share this important information. – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD Dr. Francis Boyle, the Harvard educated law professor that drafted the 1989 Biological Weapons and Antiterrorism Act, which passed both houses of …[continue reading]

Exceptional read: “Ayaan Hirsi Ali: We Have Been Subverted; What is at stake in our ability to see the threat plainly? Nothing less than the preservation of our way of life. Western nations are under

grave threat from the twin forces of cultural Marxism and an expansionist political Islam’ that can be deadly; intertwined in this political islam is radical extremist islam Dr. Paul Alexander Jun 08, 2024       What an excellent paper by AHA, I recommend reading and supporting her work…she is a former muslim and remains …[continue reading]

Dr Meryl Nass on The Kate Shemirani Show – 02 June 2024

GUEST OVERVIEW: Dr Nass is an internal medicine physician and was the first person to prove that the epidemic was due to biological warfare. Meryl has given 6 Congressional testimonies regarding anthrax , biological warfare, Gulf War Syndrome and vaccine safety. https://www.doortofreedom.org EMBED A VIDEO (Optional): https://tntvideo.podbean.com/e/dr-meryl-nass-on-the-kate-shemirani-show-02-june-2024/

BREAKING: Vaccine Mandate Reckoning, Courts Open Door to Liability Lawsuit

The COVID House of Cards crumbles as zealous officials face the consequences for coercive vaccine mandates in a groundbreaking court ruling.   Friday, June 7th: In a groundbreaking decision that should have vaccine pushers shaking in their boots, the Ninth Circuit has cracked open the door to government officials, school districts, local governments, and other …[continue reading]