What Tucker Could Not Talk About, Bank Runs Coming, Nuke War Coming

Media icon Tucker Carlson was fired from FOX this week, and it looks like we can all see what FOX has turned into.  Tucker didn’t so much get fired for what he said, but for what he might say in the future.  Tucker was the number one show on FOX, and he did nothing wrong except tell as much truth as his overlords would allow.  The country should be eternally grateful for him having the balls to air the video of the so-called J6 insurrection that proved it was another frame job by the FBI and totally false.  It was a protest about a stolen election, and you can’t talk about any of it if you have a job on the Lying Legacy Media (LLM).

It is sure looking like another big bank failure is coming.  First Republic Bank is in deep trouble and is trying to stop the hemorrhaging of cash withdrawals.  The bank stock plunged more than 60% in a few days and is looking for help, but none is showing up.  Is the FDIC going to step in again after the second and third largest bank defaults in America’s history that happened just a few weeks ago?  Are more bank runs coming?  In short, yes.

Vice President Biden has promised South Korea that if North Korea attacks, Nukes from the U.S. arsenal will be used.  The Biden Administration is promising a so-called “nuclear umbrella” to protect the Korean peninsula.  Are they going to promise they can stop the nuclear fallout too?  This is new and dangerous.

There is much more in the 46-minute newscast.

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