Valerie Hunt on the Nature of Mind – 2002

From the recording vaults of science writer Paul H. LeMay, an interview intended for radio broadcast from 2002 with the late UCLA neuro-physiologist professor Valerie Hunt, who describes her evolution from hard-core scientist to mystic and spiritual visionary as a result of her pioneering EEG investigations of subjects who claimed to enter spiritual states. Hunt found these subjects exhibited electro-magnetic vibration ranges as high as 250,000 cycles per second and beyond, a level far higher than the conventional upper range for biological systems. The evidence drove Hunt to conclude that the human mind must be an energetic proposition, not a biochemical one, and as such, it opens the door to other possibilities such as telepathy, various quantum effects, communicating with coma patients and energetic healing both proximally and at a distance. Her findings remain a challenge to mainstream investigators, including those researching meditation using EEG, since they only measure states between 1 and 40 Hertz, leading them and the public to assume that this is all that exist.