They`re Getting Desperate as Mass Awakening Accelerates- Todd Callender interview

Attorney Todd Callender joins Man in America’s Seth Holehouse and says, “Let’s talk about the good news…For the first time in a few years, I have confidence that our species will survive this. We have to confront that this is a genocide. It’s been planned since at least 1994, with the agreement of all the governments on this planet to depopulate the planet and this was the chosen methodology.

“Somebody asked me the other day, ‘When did you recognize this?’ and the answer is, for a very long time, because I’ve done business with this cast of characters. My family acquired the intellectual property rights to a needle-free vaccine device and I was tasked with getting it through the FDA investigative new device process and it took three years. I was in Cuba for that three years doing exactly that, doing clinical field trials with these same people; Pfizer, because they were providing the actual contents, the vaccines; I brought the WHO into Cuba, they had not been there previously and I had the opportunity to work with PATH, because they were Bill Gates foundation people, amongst others.

“So I had some very fortunate experiences, understanding what this is all about and how they think and lie. At the same time, I had very unfortunate experiences with these very same people. Take the Pfizer people, who could not have been more disgusting. When I introduced them to the highest levels of the Cuban government, I was really quite surprised that this was the means by which they operated.


“And so, over the years, watching where this is going, outside the United States – what people don’t understand right now is the One World Government already exists. The Organization for Economic Cooperative Development has already tied it all up, in terms of controlling the money supply. In fact, in 2016, all OECD countries capitulated and they appointed OECD as the entity in charge of all tax and fiscal policy matters.

“So the next steps, the next logical steps from these multilateral agreements, whether that’s the Agenda for the 21st century [Agenda 21], whether that’s the 1994 Cairo Accords or the Rio Accords in 1992, having to do with the environment, all of them lead to the very place where we are right now: mass reduction in the world’s population, the elimination of borders for the purpose of eliminating sovereignty and the elimination of private property rights, all of which leads towards this dystopian Soviet Model economy.

“And what we’re experiencing right now is all of them combined; all of attacks are happening at the very same moment and so my perspective is a very broad one, frankly trying to frustrate this for the last 20 years and having very little success in so doing but what it did do was gave me the perspective to understand the real paradigm – and the real paradigm is this:


“Our governments are a façade. They are, in fact the wardens in a giant prison complex. They control us and they give us this illusion that we elect them, this illusion that we’re being protected. When, in reality, they’re controlling every feature of human behavior. I could give you a very clear example of this: In 1995, when I took the Bar Exam, there were 270,000 volumes – that’s books of law – in existence in the United States of America, from your city, your county, your state and your federal government and all the agencies in between.

“Imagine how hard they have tried to regulate every single feature of human behavior and all of it was designed to drive us to this very moment; to make us think – we have this illusion of choice, that these shots – Kill Shots, because that’s what they are – they’re gene modification designed to kill or…it’s transhumanism. It’s to modify people into a bio-sim or sim-bio species – they actually refer to us as ‘Borg’ – but the point in all of that the last hundred – maybe it’s even for hundreds of years – have bene marching us down this road, for this very moment, in accordance with our UN multilateral agreements, UN conventions.

“And I honored that we were chosen – yourself, included – to talk to people about this and frankly, try to bring the truth to a lot of people and help them understand the real paradigm, so that they can exercise their one God-given right: and that is the freedom of choice; their freewill.

“And my optimism comes from people opting out. Take Ann Vandersteel for example. She’s abandoned the federal system, she’s a State National and she says, ‘I’m not having any more of this’. There are ten million more people like her and I’d like to see a couple hundred million more…

“Because the only way out of this is to disregard illegal laws. Everything that is happening right now is a perversion of the Constitution. There’s exigent circumstances that demand that we have to surrender our Constitutional rights and yet, we’re finding people who say, ‘You know, I’m not going to participate in your nonsense,’ and they go on about their lives and I think that includes voting with their feet, right?

“The airlines were requiring all these nonsensical things and people just stopped flying. So, I’m really happy to see that it’s not so easy to kill 7 billion people, because that’s the goal of the exercise. They had to convince everybody to effectively commit suicide and the vast majority didn’t. So that’s encouraging, by itself.”

Seth then asks him how he sees a Plandemic 2.0 being carried-out in 2023 and if he thinks it’ll be successful. Todd responds:

“One of the things I noticed last year is that things weren’t really going the way – I call them the ‘Owners’ – the way that the Owners want it to.

“I call the Bank for International Settlements the ‘Owners of this World’ and the reason for that is because they own all of the central banks on the planet – save three – who are able to print money out of thin air.

“So, if you were able to print money out of thin air and lend it to a government, for any amount that you wanted to, what would stop you from buying up the entire planet and buying up people – at least, their allegiance? And the answer to that question is ‘Nothing’ and that’s precisely what they’ve done.

“Our governments – plural – are owned by these people. They are controlled by the money supply. And so what’s very interesting about that is they seemed to be missing to me. The Vatican, the Crown and the Rothschild Family, in fact are really the people behind the Bank for International Settlements and they’ve been missing. Missing in action. I’ll give you an example:

“When all the sabre-rattling was happening with Ukraine and Putin only moved 200,000 troops with aged armor up to the border of Ukraine…at the same time, the Kazakhs were going crazy over this new digital vaccine passport that they needed, in order to access their money. And they said, ‘No, we’re not doing it.’

“In fact, they had a big firefight and they took out the doctors and the people in their government, literally beheading them and burning down their houses. Well, at that same time, they were supported by Russia’s SpetsNaz, their special forces units and they took Astana. Why is that important?

“Astana was built by the Bank for International Settlements to be the new kingdom of their world that they intended to control and now it is in the hands of  Vladimir Putin and the Kazakhs. It is not the Bank for International Settlements.

“Trying to trick Russia into a nuclear exchange, right? In the furtherance of this mass-depopulation – ANY mass depopulation thing will work for these purposes. They couldn’t get him to do it. They couldn’t unite NATO to go into Ukraine. 

“All ofnthese things are impossible, when you have heretofore, the Bank for International Settlements controlling everything in our world – all of a sudden, they’re not controlling everything in our world and that gives me hope, as well.

“It goes back to, ‘What’s the next time?’ Right? ‘They’re gonna pay attention next time’ Bill Gates said it. Well, they’ve already kind of tried it, in a bunch of different ways and this very moment, there’s a patient from Africa, from Ghana that was brought there with ebola. Why did they bring him to Denver, Colorado? There’s another one sitting in the UK and prior to that, the 300 people per day coming out of that part of Africa, which is under an ebola lockdown. They have an outbreak, according to the WHO. Why are they flying these people around? And why is it we don’t have that ebola outbreak?

“I think the answer to that question is they’re being frustrated. It could be something as simple as (inaudible). Something as silly as that! In such a finite control paradigm, that it was created to cause havoc and I think that President Trump actually had something to do with that, as well. All of this was planned so intricately for so very long that when something goes out of whack, the whole thing’s going out of whack.

“And I get the impression that they are behind on their schedule. I get the impression that too many people have woken up – thanks, in no small part to you and other people like you. And now, we’ve actually got people coming to this conversation, recognizing that this is a genocide, recognizing that this is an attack on humanity, itself.

“These are gene modification shots. That comes from the words of Pfizer. That comes from the words of Moderna. ‘We’re gonna train your body to make spike proteins. That seems to be resonating with people and now, we have mass non-compliance and that is what gives me so much hope.”

Seth says their timelines are off, the acceptance is off, the media is off, their plan is crumbling but this is a psychological war so they have to pretend that they have it under control.

Todd agrees. The Central Bank Digital Currency was supposed to be in place by 2018 to usher in a Soviet-style One World economy but that hasn’t happened yet. Todd lives in the Bahamas and he says that Bill Clinton went down there and announced that FTX was going to be the trading platform for carbon credits for the world, that would tie into the sim-bio structures from the vaxxines, that would meter your personal carbon output of your breathing – but instead, FTX got blown up.

Everyone with eyes can see that FTX was being used for money-laundering to fund the Democrats. Everything is crumbling. And now, Elon is red-pilling the planet with the Twitterfiles.

Still, the Globalists have a playbook and they have to follow through, so Todd expects that will will see a release of the Marburg virus, because it was already paid for in 2021. This is why he thinks they’re flying ebola patients in. But he thinks that the effect of all this is that people have had enough of this contrived nonsense and people are going to opt out and the whole idea of a government solving our problems is going to go away: We are going to solve our problems.

He says that in China and worldwide, we’re beginning to see that the people are saying, “If my choice is to stand now or die later, my choice is to stand now.”