The Real Game of Missing Money

You might say – well I live in Europe or Asia, why should I care? You should care because the credit of your investments – your pension fund, your sovereign wealth fund, and your banks and insurance companies- is being debased as well. In addition, your national security umbrella is likely threatened.

All of us – no matter on which continent we reside – are shut out from the secrets of those who rule the world. We are funding a rich flow of tax dollars and investments which are financing private investors secret ownership and control of the most powerful technology in the world to build a breakaway civilization. We provide the financing, but we get no say and we get left behind.

Why are we funding a fascist takeover of our government, our economy and our culture? One reason is because we cannot see it clearly. Another is because we do not understand the growing risks of investing in the securities that are financing this machinery. We have always considered them safe. But are they?

No matter where you live, the fraudulent nature of the US federal accounts has had a growing impact on your life and finances for some time. It will have an explosive impact in your future, as the compounding of the US debt and interest expense grows.

The time has come to understand the REAL GAME OF MISSING MONEY. Circumstances have put you on the game board in 2019. Whatever you think your issue is, this is the issue that decides every issue – including the ones you care about.

Will it be Mr. Global who decides? Or has the time come to bring transparency and stop funding Mr. Global’s secret sauce?

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