The Kingston Report : Naomi Wolf and Her Legal Team Got the Strategy to Take Down Pfizer Right

Pfizer committed massive fraud against the US government, nullifying their contract with the US Military and shattering Pfizer’s legal immunity.

12 Jul 2023

July 12, 2023: On July 5, 2023, Naomi Wolf and Daily Clout’s attorney, Scott Street, sent a letter to the US Department of Justice rightly proclaiming that Pfizer committed massive fraud against the US government, not with the government. You can find a copy of the letter here.

Naomi Wolf and her legal team got the strategy to take down Pfizer right.

Although Naomi Wolf and I have never spoken, I have a great deal of respect for her hard work, commitment to justice, and shining light on the truth.


I believe that a successful legal strategy to take down Pfizer must;

  1. Decouple Pfizer from the US government and military, as the Pfizer DoD contract states more than a half-dozen times.

  2. Clearly demonstrate how Pfizer was contracted to operate under the FD&C Act in order to deliver a safe and effective vaccine, but operated outside of the FDA laws that regulate the US biologics industry by committing massive fraud against the US government and the American people.

  3. By operating in complete disregard of, and outside of the FDA safety biologics laws, Pfizer engaged in criminal human experimentation on adults and children with a bioweapon.


The following is an example Kingston Report article detailing how Pfizer violated US clinical safety laws and their DOD contract, thereby committing criminal human experimentation on innocent children and adults with a bioweapon. (Originally posted on January 13, 2023.)

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10 Reasons to Criminally Charge Pfizer NOW


Originally posted January 13, 2023: You can NOT contract to commit a crime, any crime. Just to be clear, Pfizer can not go through the entire Initial New Drug (IND) application process, Phase 1/2/3, Biological License Application (BLA), pay the $3 million dollar Pharmaceutical Drug User Fee (PDUFA), FDA-approval, post-marketing clinical requirements, and manufacture and market FDA-approved product and then claim that under their contract with the DoD they were instructed to perform the clinical trials and receive FDA-approval as a part of a psyop. This is the most ridiculous story I have heard so far in an attempt to defend Pfizer’s EUA vaccine immunity shield which is completely shattered.

The only reason why Pfizer is getting away with murder is because Pfizer is influencing the narrative that we are listening to from trusted leaders and media platforms on both sides of the COVID-19 isle to convince the entire population of the United States that their injectable COVID-19 mRNA lipid nanoparticle bioweapons are;

  1. safe and effective vaccines,

  2. vaccines gone wrong, or

  3. bioweapons, but Pfizer is following orders from the US military under a secret military contract and under EUA law Pfizer has legal immunity, so there is nothing we can do about it.

These are all false statements.

“Pfizer’s Operation Warp Speed (OWS) contract with the DoD was to develop a vaccine that effectively prevented SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19 disease) and that met the safety and efficacy regulatory standards of an FDA-EUA authorized or FDA-approved vaccine.” – Karen Kingston, January 13, 2023

As we read through the DoD contract, it’s clear that Pfizer is in charge of communications with the FDA. Per the FDA documents, Pfizer exerted extreme influence over the FDA forcing the FDA to ignore safety flags during the clinical trials, thereby strong-arming the FDA to fraudulently authorize and then fraudulently approve a bioweapon as a safe and effective vaccine.

Pfizer is obviously the criminal in this case and can be criminally charged now.


If I was an advisor in a criminal case, here’s a few examples on how I would eviscerate many of the fraudulent claims (extrinsic fraud) currently being made. Extrinsic fraud is when an attorney or expert witness misrepresents material facts or law so that victims are unable to take effective civil or criminal action.

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Fraudulent Claims Made by Experts and Attorneys


1. Pfizer’s DoD Contract was for a Prototype, NOT a Vaccine. FALSE.


FALSE. Per the contract, the vaccine prototypes were part of a manufacturing demonstration, however the ‘vaccine prototypes’ would be categorized as emergency use authorized (EUA) or FDA-approved vaccines after receiving FDA authorization or FDA approval. If vaccine prototypes never received FDA authorization or approval, then they would have remained manufacturing prototypes and never distributed as vaccines to the US civilian population.

Pfizer’s original Operation Warp Speed contract with the DoD was to produce 100 million doses of a vaccine (vaccine prototype) capable of providing protection against SARS-CoV-2 and related coronaviruses (variants) subject to FDA technical, clinical and regulatory success (laws and guidance).

Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines COULD NOT have been made available to the American public until after FDA regulatory approval per Sec 564 of the FD&C Act for an EUA authorized product or Sect 351 of PHS Act for a FDA-approval of a biological product based on successful clinical trial data.

If the FDA failed to provide authorization or approval, then Pfizer’s manufactured vaccine doses would not be made available to the US or global market.

This means that the ‘vaccine prototypes’ would be categorized as emergency use authorized (EUA) vaccines after receiving FDA authorization and then FDA-approved vaccines after receiving FDA-approval. The term prototype is a legal term confirming the reduction in process clause in the contract, confirming Pfizer as the original inventor of the vaccine technology whether it be FDA-approved or FDA-authorized.

2. BioNTech is the Clinical Trial Sponsor and EUA/BLA Holder, NOT Pfizer. FALSE.


FALSE. The contract states that Pfizer and BioNTech will work jointly together on the clinical trials and the commercialization for the vaccine upon regulatory approval (EUA authorization or FDA approval/BLA approval).

Although part of the contract states that BioNTech is the regulatory sponsor and the EUA/BLA holder, per the contract Pfizer was instructed to act as the clinical trial sponsor and EUA/BLA holder, and in fact, has acted in those roles.

Any attorney or contract expert worth their weight in salt would point out that Section B. Clinical and Regulatory is nullified by Section A. Regulatory Planning which designates;

  1. Pfizer as the regulatory sponsor when the contract states, “Pfizer will meet the necessary FDA requirements for conducting ongoing and planned clinical trials…” and

  2. Pfizer and BioNTech as the EUA/BLA holder when the contract states, “Pfizer, and with its collaboration partner, BioNTech will seek FDA approval or authorization for the vaccine.”

One example on how Pfizer acted as the sponsor is when Pfizer paid the approximate $3 million Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA Fee) in May of 2021 when submitting for FDA approval.

3. BioNTech is the Marketer for COMIRNATY, NOT Pfizer. FALSE.


FALSE. Per the COMIRNATY website, Pfizer and BioNTech are currently marketing and distributing FDA-approved COMIRNATY in the United States for adults and children 12-years of age and older.

4. There is NO FDA-approved COMIRNATY Available in the United States. FALSE.


FALSE. Per the National Drug Code (NDC) database, FDA-approved and COMIRNATY-labeled product was available in the United States on December 22, 2021.

The above image is from a video of a soldier in possession of the FDA-approved COMIRNATY and reading the NDC code that was issued for FDA-approved product available in the United States beginning on December 22, 2021 from the COMIRNATY vial.

5. The Military Controlled the FDA Clinical Trials, So Pfizer is Not Liable. FALSE.


FALSE. Per the DoD contract, Pfizer and BioNTech initiated the Phase 1/2 trials independent of any contract or work done with the US military.

The contract clearly states that clinical trials are regulated by HHS and the FDA and that the US military is not involved.

The contract clearly states that Pfizer is in charge of all communications with the FDA.

6. The US Military Controls the FDA Data of US Citizens Injected with mRNA Vaccines, So Pfizer is Not Liable. FALSE.


FALSE. Per the contract, all of the data related to Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccines was and will continue to be generated by Pfizer (and BioNTech) without government funding, and Pfizer owns all of the data.

Per the contract, Pfizer controls the format of the data and is under no obligation to provide custom reports to the US military.

7. Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines were Manufactured by the Military and Outside of the United States. FALSE.


FALSE. Per the contract, Pfizer is in charge of CMC (chemistry, manufacturing and controls) manufacturing for their COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Pfizer established US manufacturing facilities for manufacturing mRNA vaccines in the United States.

Per the FDA approval letter, FDA-approved COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were approved to be manufactured at Pfizer’s facility in Kalamazoo, MI.


8. Pfizer is Not Liable if Vaccines Contain Toxic Substances Because the mRNA Vaccines Are Not Subject to Good Manufacturing Practice Laws. FALSE.


FALSE. While EUA laws waive GMP (good manufacturing practices), the military contract clearly contracts that Pfizer will ensure conformity with GMP per the Food & Drug Consumer Protection Act, 21 USC 351a2B. This is important because Pfizer can not claim they didn’t know what was in the vials due to a lack of GMP requirements as they were contracted to adhere to GMP.

9. Pfizer is NOT Liable because the Vaccine Technology Manufactured under the Military Contract is owned by the US Government and NOT Pfizer. FALSE.


FALSE. Per the contract, all inventions conceived in performance of the contract are owned by Pfizer; “As between Pfizer and the Government, all inventions conceived or first actually reduced to practice in the performance of this Statement of Work (“Subject Inventions”) shall be owned by Pfizer.” If the military did develop the nanotechnology, the military transferred the US intellectual property over to Pfizer’s ownership.

Furthermore, Pfizer may withhold trade secrets from the government; “If invented solely by Pfizer, Pfizer will be able to elect, in its discretion, whether to hold Subject Inventions as trade secrets, and holding a Subject Invention as a trade secret will not forfeit title to the Government.”

10. Pfizer Can NOT Be Charged Criminally Because They Have Immunity as a Covered Person per the PREP Act and Contract. FALSE.


FALSE. This brings me back to my first point, you can not contract to commit a crime. While Pfizer is designated as a Covered Person in the contract, the contract and the immunity it grants is predicated on developing a medical countermeasure to COVID-19, not a bioweapon.

Pfizer is NOT a Covered Person. Per the manufacturing responsibilities designated to Pfizer in the contract, Pfizer is the manufacturer and the sponsor, just like Moderna and J&J are manufacturers in their contracts, because that is reality.

In reality, Pfizer can no more claim immunity as a ‘covered person’ just because the DoD randomly claimed as such at the end of the contract, than they can identify as a ‘fairy princess with US government immunity to unleash a bioweapon on the US civilian population and call it fairy dust.

Now back to reality, the ‘countermeasure’ Pfizer was contracted to manufacture is a vaccine capable of providing protection against SARS-CoV-2 and related coronaviruses (variants) subject to FDA technical, clinical and regulatory success (laws, regulatory guidance and bona fide research).

However, Pfizer did not develop an effective vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 and its variants. Furthermore, Pfizer instructed the FDA to disregard safety signals to stop the clinical trials thereby engaging in fraudulent and criminal trials that are not bona fide research.

Per Pfizer’s November 2020 submission, Pfizer instructed the FDA to disregard unfavorable reactogenecity data from 100 children ages 12 through 15 years of age.

Reactogenicity events in these children may have been and likely included; myocarditis, multi-system inflammatory system, heart attacks (sudden death), stroke, convulsions, and death.

Pfizer informed the FDA that 409 patients came down with COVID-19 or reactogenecity symptoms (see above list that includes death) within 7 days of their first or second injectio. Pfizer informed the FDA that they did not include these cases as adverse events or as COVID-19 because they may have been severe reactions to the injections and the subjects did not have a positive PCR test, so Pfizer simply did not count them, in caae they were unconfirmed COVID-19 cases. Pfizer told the FDA their shots were causing disease, disabilities and death, but to simply disregard unfavorable evidence that the shots are bioweapons.

In the November 2020 FDA submission, Pfizer states that they do not know how their mRNA vaccine protects against SARS-CoV-2.

In the August 23, 2021, FDA approval of Pfizer’s biological license application (BLA), the FDA states that Pfizer had NOT provided any DATA to demonstrate that the vaccine was effective; Missing Information = Vaccine Effectiveness.

Per important identified risks and important potential risks, the FDA confirmed that the data Pfizer did provide confirms that the mRNA injections cause severe diseases such as myocarditis, pericarditis, and likely causes vaccine-associated enhanced disease and vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease.

In a post-hoc analysis, Pfizer confirmed with the FDA that the risk of COVID-19 increases over time in study participants after they received a second dose of the COVID-19 mRNA injections.

Biological agents that do not prevent infection or disease, are not done under bona fide research, and in fact cause infection, disease, and death are not a vaccines….they are bioweapons.

Pfizer was contracted by the US military to manufacture a safe and effective vaccine against SARS-CoV-2. Pfizer somehow strong-armed the FDA into ignoring all safety signals in order to enable Pfizer to knowingly and intentionally manufacture, distribute and promote bioweapons, specifically lipid nanoparticle technologies encoded to produce the Wuhan-Hu-1 SARS-CoV-2 S-2P spike protein, as a safe and effective vaccines.

Avoiding Military Combat in WWIII


Pfizer’s contract with the US military and any immunity it provided is unlawful, illegal and criminal, as Pfizer knowingly and willingly developed and released a bioweapon on the US civilian population. Pfizer’s actions are in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Geneva Convention.

In my opinion, Lieutenant General Kirillov ordered European, Asian, and African nations to nullify their contracts with Pfizer and initiate criminal investigations earlier this year in order to decouple Pfizer from the US government and avoid starting WWIII.

Americans Can Take Responsibility to Remove the Weapons from our Communities


Every state in the United States of America has specific criminal charges that can be brought against the regulatory team members at Pfizer for developing, distributing, marketing and making readily available a bioweapon (or weapon of mass destruction) to the American people under the guise of a safe and effective vaccine.

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If you know of victims who have been harmed by Pfizer vaccines, you can utilize the evidence I provide and your state laws to file criminal charges against Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine regulatory and marketing team members and have arrest warrants issued.

Pfizer’s Immunity is Based on the Narrative We’ve Been Told


Push back on trusted experts refusing to call the injections bioweapons or who are spinning the laws, evidence, government contracts, and Pfizer’s own documents to try and convince us that there is ‘nothing we can do’ to hold Pfizer accountable for developing and unleashing a bioweapon on civilian American adults and children.

Nothing about what Pfizer has done is legal or protected under any US laws and is in violation of state laws against the use of bioweapons. You can not legally unleash a bioweapon on a civilian population.(period).

Federal Judge Confirms That This is the Dumbest Thing He’s Ever Heard in Court

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Federal Judge Confirms That This is the Dumbest Thing He's Ever Heard in Court

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The only reason why Pfizer is getting away with murder is because they have influenced the narrative on both sides of the COVID-19 story to convince the entire population of the United States that the bioweapons are;

  1. safe and effective vaccines,

  2. vaccines gone wrong, or

  3. bioweapons, but Pfizer is following orders from the US military under a ‘bioweapons prototype’ military contract and EUA law, so there is nothing we can do about it.

These are blatantly false statements.


The US military contracts and FDA documents indicate that Pfizer was calling all the shots on the bioweapons (no pun intended).

If we the people wake up and understand that we have unalienable God-given rights and the authority to believe our own eyes, ears and experiences, call the vaccines what they are – bioweapons, and pursue criminal charges against Pfizer, we the people will take our country back.

The Kingston Report. TRUTH WINS.


Colossians 2:1-4

For I want you to know how great a struggle I have for you…and for all who have not seen me face to face, that their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, to reach all the riches of full assurance of understanding and the knowledge of God’s mystery, which is Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

I say this in order that no one may delude you with plausible arguments.