The Case for Building Wealth with Richard Werner

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week, I am pleased to welcome back Professor Richard Werner, the world’s leading scholar on central banking. Richard is a London School of Economics and Oxford-educated economist, a professor of banking and economics, an authorized investment adviser, an economic adviser to governments, and author of the best-selling 2001/2003 book Princes of the Yen (turned into a documentary in 2014).

As I talk with subscribers and allies about stopping the control grid, I find them needing to understand that abundance is possible. No one explains this better than Richard, who gave an excellent presentation in Sweden in 2022 highlighting the case for abundance and the economics of what I call a decentralized, bottom-up Building Wealth Reset.

In our conversation this week, we focus in particular on the importance of liquidity in the dollar and the need for banks and transaction systems that cannot be controlled from outside the state. As Richard emphasized in his outstanding article about sovereign state banks in The Future of Financial Freedom, local banks and credit unions are the lifeblood of small and medium-sized enterprises and hence, thriving local and state economies. He also touches on the enormous potential for local currencies.

Note: We are making this interview public and encourage you to share it with your bankers and state and local officials.