TGBMS Class Actions Update | 4 Point Plan To Disarm The Banksters

TGBMS Class Actions Update | 4 Point Plan To Disarm The Banksters

Just when many are losing hope, I am honoured to announce that the TGBMS Class Actions will proceed to file the first claim in international arbitration, despite the continued British lockdown, under the natural law jurisdiction of Universal Community Trust.

This will occur as soon as we secure a suitably qualified arbitrator, to determine the first claim against Chief Land Registrar of England and Wales, which will be followed by claims against the Land Registrar in Northern Ireland and the Keeper of the Scottish Registry.

We are initially seeking a declaration that the cancellation of more than 11 million fraudulently registered mortgages must be carried out, with compensation being paid to every one of Britain’s illegal mortgagors.

If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so at both the links below:

TGBMS Mailing List

TGBMS Class Actions

Disarm The Banksters With a Mortgage Strike

Now is the time to strike at the heart of the beast that is seeking to criminalise every aspect of our lives, but this will not be achieved by demanding that the banksters’ puppet government cease and desist, or by rising up in civil unrest that would only provoke the jackboot that has already been empowered by statute.

The people must take the power to determine life and death away from the self-appointed financial ‘elite’ by refusing to pay another penny toward their fraudulent enterprises.

This essential objective can be efficiently and effectively achieved if every single mortgagor, from this day forth, refuses to make another mortgage payment, on the TGBMS Grounds.

Mass Non-Compliance

Have no doubt that a mortgage strike by millions of people will shatter the banksters’ powers to control everything, including government, the purse-strings of which they have held since the creation of the Bank of England in 1694.

However, we also must stop using their bullshit debt-based currency, before rendering their rigged financial system obsolete by adopting a credit-based one, which eradicates the possibility of institutionalised frauds.

Only then will we have truly disarmed the banksters of the only real power they have over us and the rights of the individual can be forevermore protected from the perils of collective government, by the Great Charter for the 21st Century, Magna Carta 2020.

New Credit-Based Currency

A revolutionary, credit-based electronic currency has already been launched and there are already an estimated 30,000 people in the UK and Ireland who are using it instead of the rapidly declining national currencies.

To find out how you can do the same, click on the link below:

Come On iLien

iLien is already being used by entire villages across North and South Ireland to keep local businesses afloat and to provide farmers with what they need to meet the extreme demands of the CV crisis, which has obviously been manufactured to destroy all the wealth people have worked so hard to create since the last crash in 2008.

Replace Bankster’s Currency With iLien

Suffice to say, iLien is neither created out of thin air, nor dependent upon the number of people who buy it, because it is created using Common Law Liens – financial obligations placed upon banksters who have committed wrongdoings against the people.

Even better than that, since the price of 1 iLien is tagged to the price of 1 gram of gold, it has been and will continue to be unaffected by the unfolding worldwide economic collapse, having increased in value from €38 to €53 per coin since February 2020.

To put that in perspective, if you had exchanged €380 from your debt-based bank account for the equivalent in iLien last February, you would now have €530 worth of the credit coin in your wallet, which you would have no chance of making in fiat currency by leaving it in a savings account.

Bonuses For Holding iLien

As if that wasn’t enough to arouse significant interest, you also get paid very generous regular bonuses just for having iLien in your Verus-Agama wallet, which can be downloaded here: 

Verus-Agama Wallet

When the number of people who hold iLien in their wallets hits 30,000, which should happen any day now, it will become spendable on a reliable Visa Debit Card, just like fiat currencies.

In the meantime, iLien is already being traded on the decentralised Komodo Platform and its unique stability in the alt currency market is making it more popular by the hour.

4 Point Plan To Disarm The Banksters

In summary then, here is the 4 point plan to disarm the banksters:

1. Join the TGBMS Class Actions to end fraudulent mortgages.

2. Go on mortgage strike till the outcome of the class actions is known.

3. Get a Verus-Agama wallet and replace your fiat currency with iLien credit coins.

4. Ratify Magna Carta 2020, under the protection of the UCT Treaty and be the change you want to see in this world.

We propose this plan because, in the wise words of Buckminster Fuller, when asked how he would go about ending the corruption of the state:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

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