Spookd: What Really Happened on 9/11

Retired CIA case officer, @SpookedBlog on his Telegram channel recently posted this leaked helicopter video of a missile striking the Pentagon on 9/11 with personal summary of happened on 9/11:

This was  one of the many surveillance videos confiscated within minutes of the missile strike on the Pentagon (FBI waited nearby for the strike to confiscate the tapes). All but a few tapes were confiscated; there was an earlier release of the tape from the camera for the vehicular security entrance in which a missile was visible.

The attached video, based on the angle of view, came from the angle of the gas station on the hill overlooking the Pentagon. (The gas station was bulldozed after 9/11).

I suspect the FBI agent who confiscated this surveillance tape put it in a safe place for posterity (and turned in a bogus tape to be destroyed).

The missile which struck the Pentagon was not a Soviet SCUD (not very maneuverable) but rather a USAF GBU-57-A, delivered from a USAF jet.

The GBU was in development in 2001, but running short on funding. It was notable for flying “Nap of the Earth” flight paths. It was also a “Bunker Buster” capable of penetrating 15′ of reinforced concrete (the depth of penetration at the Pentagon was 15’ of brick and reinforced concrete).

General Singlaub apparently gave the order over the phone; (I overheard his fonecon) stating:

“The ‘bunker buster’ should do the job”. Say thanks to Northrop-Grumman & Lockheed Martin for the Pentagon attack and to the USAF pilot who launched that missile.

“Precision-Guided” is the operative term which includes both satellite and ground GPS, plus laser and FLIR guided targeting.

That gives a CEP (Circular Error Probability) of less than 15′.

Thus, precision guided means this missile, launched from a B2 at 20,000′ could fly to the Pentagon and zoom in a ‘Nap of the Earth’ path, over and down a gently sloping hill path, leveling off at ground level.

(Notably, a B2 bomber flew over the Pentagon on the day the “Memorial” was dedicated. We captured that image during the ceremony as the B2 was “framed” by the Memorial. Recall the F111 which used the same guidance system/technology in 1971)

This missile flew down and leveled off at tree level, and down to ground level to strike the Pentagon at a slightly upward angle, penetrating up to the 2d floor, penetrating the outer wall of the B Corridor, across the hall from the SCIF housing my old office.

The missile/bunker buster penetrated 15′ of combined brick and reinforced concrete as it passed through newly reinforced brick/ concrete walls and angled reinforced slanted floors.

[Disclaimer: I conducted wartime (BDA) Bomb Damage Assessments, so I’m quite familiar with the difference between bomb and missile demolition. As an aside, the WTC imploded from wired nano-thermite demolitions emplaced over a period of months by Mossad operatives – who were arrested across the river by NJ cops, along with their truck containing highly-restricted, Military Grade nano-thermite. The U.S. Atty General released them and then accepted a very lucrative employment by the Israeli government.]


Flight 93 landed safely in Ohio, videoed by the local TV station and the Mayor greeted the passengers, who were then herded into a hangar for debriefing – never to be seen again.

The Mayor, hangar workers, local cops, Air National Guard all know/knew what became of those pax.

If we have any curious news reporters left, they could get those answers for us fairly quickly.

Flights 175 and 11 out of Boston were “hijacked” by Mossad operatives posing as Arabs.

Notably, the same Mossad “moving” company marked vehicles were videoed and recorded in the Boston airport on 9/11 and near Shanksville, PA (prepping a crash site?)

As for the disposition of the planes and pax, the USAF. Mossad, and FBI have those details.

(Do we have any LEO or knowledgeable retired USAF willing to testify?)

Flight 77 flew the course for a bit, and the 4th wife of Solicitor General Ted Olson [She reportedly called Ted from the plane on her cell phone a technically physical impossibility in 2001].

Long After 9/11, Mrs Olson was recognized while shopping (not in DC), but w new hair color and style.

Of note is the fact that in each “crash site”, there was none of the usual airplane crash debris (tail section, engines, seats, luggage).

But the pristine “passports” of all the “hijackers” magically survived, without a blemish!

The planes flying into the WTC were CGI, added to the news videos — after the demolition (by Mossad) of the Towers.

The architects and engineers who designed and built the WTC anticipated that modern planes might crash into the WTC, as other planes have crashed into the Empire State and Chrysler buildings (causing only minor damage).

Thus, the WTC structure was reinforced internally, as well as EXTERNALLY with vertical iron bars.

A plane striking that structure would have shattered/disintegrated, rather than flying through it as if through paper.

The only way to cut through those vertical iron bars was with military Nano-Thermite, which WAS found in the debris.

This was the same explosive found in the Mossad moving truck, used by the “FIVE DANCING ISRAELIS” arrested by the FBI in NJ.

So there you have 9/11 explained in a nutshell and now you understand why “Israel is Last!”

All Mossad operatives have been identified and are currently under surveillance – worldwide.

And then, on Wednesday, Spookd reacted to this Newsmax article, about the failure of an Israel-only aid package to pass, posting on TruthSocial:

House Republicans, having alienated Conservative voters, tried, and failed to ram through a $17.6 BILLION funding Bill for Israel to gain the Jewish vote!

They failed!

Even the dems recognized this as another money laundering scam extortion scam, this time based on a False Flag Hamas war (Netanyahu created and financed Hamas in 1990, and added support and funding for Hamas again in 2019!)

We’ve been giving Israel $3Billion a year ad nauseam, in exchange for their drawing us into countless wars against our Middle East supporters.

This is the same country which attacked our USS Liberty, blew up the US Marine Barracks in Lebanon, blew up the WTC, created ISIS, and FINANCED Hamas, and moved the Vindman Brothers through our Military as “heroes” to subvert to launch Treason charges against Trump, plus funding Epstein in his child trafficking/exploitation and blackmail program.

When do we STOP this exorbitant Israeli money pit?