Smoke & Mirrors- Exposing the banking fraud at the heart of the City of London

To understand what they do and how the Banks behave we must go back in history to 1666 which created the template for their deceitful actions of today.

When the Great Fire of London occurred in 1666 many people lost their lives or fled, and their properties and chattels were in limbo and unclaimed.

The Government essentially enacted the CQV trust, meaning any unclaimed property or goods was put into a trust and could be rightfully claimed if that man or woman or their heirs came forward and be identified and show that they were not dead but still alive or were rightful heirs to the property or goods.

CQV stands for Cestui Que Vie, French  for “He who lives” This is important and will be discussed later.

The Banking system developed into what we see today, from the system developed by London Goldsmiths who controlled the supply and storage of Gold.

They used a system of ‘NOTES’ to record deposits they held and had received, and their value shown in signed receipts given to their clients (a form of early Promissory Note).

The Bank of England was founded in 1694 by Royal Charter, in order to pay for wars at that time.

The Goldsmiths model of Notes and Receipts being viewed as ‘money; was adopted by the Bank of England when it came into business.

In Government Acts of 1708 and 1709 the bank of England was given a partial monopoly by making it unlawful for Company’s and Partnerships of more than 6 people to set up as Banks and issue Notes.

This led to a proliferation of Country and Independent Banks all issuing their own notes as they were formed within the constraints of those Government Acts.


In 1725 the Bank of England part printed Notes for completion by hand. The £ sign and 1st digit were printed but other numerals, the name of the payee, cashiers signature date and number were added each time by hand. These Notes (Promissory Notes),  could be exchanged for Gold on presentation.

In 1797 the Bank of England was released from its obligation to exchange its Notes on demand for Gold!

During the Napoleonic War in 1814 between England and France the Government needed money to finance its war effort and up stepped the ROTHCHILDS to provide necessary funds in GOLD which the Government borrowed at an agreed rate of interest.

 This was probably the first occasion that private family of what we call ‘elites’ had a say in Government affairs and began their stranglehold and with it the ability to influence Government policy for their interests!

A further example was that in 1825 there was a run on the Bank of England’s Gold reserves and was apparently down to its last 100,000 gold sovereigns and once again the ROTHCHILDS bailed out the Government by shipping in 150,000 gold sovereigns in just one day!

After various Acts from 1826 to 1844, in order to increase the Bank of England’s influence The Bank Charter ACT of 1844 was introduced. This effectively established the rate of gold that needed to be held by BOE and it was announced that it must exceed the value of Notes it issued.

The 3rd deceit perpetrated by Banks and Government was in 1914 when the Government during the 1st World War needed to protect its bullion stock and the Bank ceased to pay out gold for its notes which in reality was Government theft!

In 1931 Britain abandoned the Gold Standard and the Notes issued by the BOE became FIAT money backed by securities not gold bullion.

This meant that the Banks no longer dealt with actual money but traded in paper ie bonds and promissory notes.

Banks needed ever increasing trade in bonds and securities to survive and therefore strove to create so called ‘debtors’ from whom they could steal real money!

For that to happen it required another piece of trickery, deceit and fraud to complete the scenario of Smoke and Mirrors.


Creation of the ‘legal fiction (or ‘strawman’ as called in the US) was to be used.

Whilst records of births, deaths, and marriages had begun to be recorded in parishes and towns around 1538 these records were created by religious groups and organisations for their flock to record hereditary entitlements.

In 1875 the government seized on this and introduced the Births and Deaths Act 1874 requiring all Births to be registered.

Unwittingly, parents registering their son or daughters birth handed ownership of that boy or girl to the Government making them a Government slave.

The trickery is that the Birth Certificate has two dates on it

Firstly the actual date of birth of john( or jane) doe and the second date was recording the date when the registration was made (a few days or weeks after the real birthdate) which created the ‘legal fiction’ (dead entity) as JOHN (or JANE) DOE  (capital letters).

Once reaching adulthood then a title was added to the ‘Legal Fiction’ name e.g. MR, MISS, MRS. And in recent years MS. All correspondence from Government, Local Councils, Banks, Police, Inland Revenue, Solicitors, Debt Collectors etc is addressed to the ‘legal fiction’ the corporation created from your name and is more often than not in block capitals ie MR JOHN DOE /MISS JANE DOE.

This is the deception that takes place which many men and women are not aware of it taking place and unwittingly contract with the above corporations by responding to that correspondence and not pointing out that the addressee shown is not their name as the birth name is :john: (or :jane: of the doe family.

The registrar signing the Birth Certificate is an Officer of the Probate Court meaning the Estate of that boy or girl was probated and the BIRTH certificate records the “death” of any claim to their Estate and TRADE NAME and the “birth” of the Governments claim upon their assets (CQV)

The original Birth Certificate is a Government document and hence the NAME (JOHN /JANE DOE)is therefore Government property.

The Birth Certificate is essentially a BOND issued against the value of the ESTATE and is traded on the Washington Stock exchange just like stocks and shares with the value assigned to the CQV trust of that boy /girl/man/woman.

This is the reliable cash-cow Bond that the Government uses to access and endless supply of ready cash (Quantitative Easing as it is called).

In essence knowing that you could be alive for approximately 75 years minimum working from the age of 18 to say 65 i.e 47 years at lets say on average £25,000 per annum =£1.175 million makes the Birth Certificate a constant source of funds and finance for the Government!

So if we combine these two pieces of deceit and fraud and apply that to Banks and Credit Card Companies we can see the Smoke and Mirrors scenario.


After the Second World War there was a continuing period of rationing as the economy strived to adjust to post war years when households saved their money in Savings Banks until they had enough to buy what luxuries they desired.

This was no good for banks as they did not have money and so needed more and more “debtors” to finance their operation with more and more men and women whom they could hoodwink and rob 

In the late 1950’s and 1960’s the Banks came up with their scheme… and Credit Cards

Visa founded in 1958

Diners Club founded in 1950

Barclaycard founded in 1966

Mastercard in 1966

Suddenly the lure of “instant free money” meant that there was a big uptake of so called “Credit Lending” and the Banks began to achieve their objectives.

Car Loans offered by Banks were becoming more popular, and today this sector alone is worth over £35 billion per annum.

In 1980 the Thatcher Government introduced Council House sales and hence mortgages to “purchase”

So, the Banks convinced everyone they could loan money assuming the man or woman was deemed “creditworthy”

The fraud is that Banks do not have any money and they do not loan money, they deal in tradeable pieces of paper!

When a loan or credit card application is accepted the Bank will ask you to sign an “agreement”

However, it cannot be an agreement as both parties create a contract by both “agreeing” and signing, but the only signature is the borrowers.

The Bank cannot sign as it only exists on paper it has no arms, legs or soul and cannot possibly sign in wet ink not a rubber stamp!

In effect therefore the borrower has given the Bank a promissory note but the Bank gives you nothing in return

The acceptance of the promissory note signed by the borrower means the notional cash value has been received and accepted by the bank and no debt therefore exists.

The Bank will use that promissory note to access the Bond created by the Birth Certificate and CQV trust to establish the credit line and use the (Bearer Bond) as tradeable instrument and cashes it in but continues to demand repayment and interest claiming the borrower is a debtor where in fact the promissory note makes the borrower the creditor.

Once cashed “without recourse” the promissory note is now the same as cashed cheque but it is not returned to the borrower but sold on to investors meaning the Bank has double dipped.

If the borrower defaults then the Investor company that purchased the cancelled promissory will pursue the borrower for payment and even take court action.

What is interesting is that in that sale or assignment of that action there should be a Deed of assignment between bank and 3rd party purchaser but if the borrower asks for a copy this is either ignored or is told he has no right to see it.

If the borrower decides to write to the CEO of the Bank that supposedly gave the “loan” and asks for the alleged debt to be validated (meaning the CEO must validate it via an affidavit), there will be stony silence because it cannot validate an alleged debt that has already been paid

This means the Bank is in default and that fraud has taken place and hence all payments and interest charges paid to the Bank are fraudulent and should be returned to the borrower.